5 Tips for Time Management

5 Tips on Time Management

Time Management –

In order to manage your time more efficiently, your perspective on time must be that time is our most valuable commodityTime does not wait for anybody; therefore you must be protective with the time you allocate towards waiting for someone else.  If someone does not respect your time, don’t waste your time waiting around for them.  You can never get back time that is wasted; therefore you must be selective about what and with who you spend your time with on a daily basis. 

1. Scheduling

You should spend time creating a product that continues to pay you repeatedly when it sells.  The time spent on the product continues to create cash flow from a one time work.  Scheduling is the foundation for good time management.   Time should be allotted in 15 minute blocks for every hour.  Spending an hour planning your day will help you to avoid wasting time.

2.  Decision Making

The ability of make decisions is necessary.  Being decisive will pay off in many ways: 

(a) You must decide to eliminate the bad habits that waste your time.  Getting rid of bad habits will boost your time to be productive.

(b) You also eliminate procrastination when you are decisive. Have a clear path or plan will help you to avoid the procrastination pitfalls.

(c) Being decisive also positions you to make a decision to move forward without delay.

(d) Decisive individuals are very focused.  Focus can be your best ally when discussing managing your time and being productive.

(e) Delegate tasks

(f) Lean how to say, “No.”

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3. Self-Disciplined

The ability to be self-disciplined will create an atmosphere for constructive time management.   Here are a few tips to get started:

(a) You will need to stick to the plan of your day. Setting a plan is the easy part, but sticking to that plan can be a little more challenging.  You must have it in your mind to follow your plan.

(b) You will need to reject distractions.  When you are following your plan, you will notice distractions.  Do not give into them and deviate from what you are trying to accomplish.  Think about the final result. 

(c) You will need to learn how to handle situations and people that take you off of your plan.

4.  Others with Respect to Your Time

When people come to take up your time, you have to find a way to balance being polite, small talk and genuine discussions.  Here are a few tips that can help at the office or when you are trying to get tasks accomplished. 

(a) You must answer their questions quickly.  If you don’t know the answer for them at that moment, you should tell them that you will get back to them as soon as you have their answer or information.

(b) Another suggestions is to remove chairs from your office.  This allows people to sit and take your time. This one may not be for everyone.  It depends on your position and required duties. 

(c) If you notice that someone will not move on from your office, you can say that you were going to get some coffee, and ask them to take a walk with you to the break room/kitchen.  By the time you get the coffee, they will usually move on.  These tips should be handled politely while remaining focused on your goals and tasks.

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5. Balance

In order to enjoy your time, you must bring balance in your plan. You must allocate time for other activities and people in your life.  If you don’t you will burn out from focusing only on that single goal constantly.  Take time for your

(a) Faith;

(b) Family: Plenty of time for your spouse and children first, then time for other family members, friends, etc;

(c) Your Health;

(d) Work

(e)Investing in yourself: Faith, Financial Education, Critical Thinking & Reason.  Balance will help you to keep going after and reaching goals that you have planned for you life, business, family, and the list goes on….

Final Tip!  Learn new processes to save you time and to automate other areas of your life to free up your time. 

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