9 Types of Investment Strategies 2022

9 Types of Investment Strategies 2022

These are 9 types of investment Strategies. There is a list of 56 investment ideas 2022.  These are ways to create passive income or wealth. 

1.) Securities Investing

Certificate of Deposit (CD)
Stocks And Exchange Trade Fund (ETF) Yield
Real estate Investment Trust (REIT)

2.) Emerging Market

Currency Exchange
Foreign Currencies Savings Interest

3.) Rights

Mineral Rights
Water Rights
Recipe Rights
License Agreements
Franchise System

4.) Wealth Insurance

Silver And Gold
Tangible Assets

5.) Real Estate

Private Notes (Mortgages)
Rental Property For Cash Flow
Rent out Your Extra Room To A Roommate
Sublease For Passive Income

6.) Loan Programs

U-haul loan for interest
Peer to Peer loan for interest (P2P)
Homeowner’s Tax Liens For Interest

7.) Fund For Residual Income

Movie Credit
Purchase Royalties

8.) Ownership Of A Company

Create One Time Product That Pays You Passive Income
Write A Book For Royalties
Create WordPress Plugin For Passive Income

Purchase An Existing Company
Create Software As A Service (SAAS) Monthly Passive Income
Create An iPhone App For Passive Income
Create An Affiliate Website
Create An E-Commerce Website
Create A Drop Ship Website
Create An Membership Website
Create An Forum
Create Online Courses Or School
Create A Reseller Website
Purchase An Existing Company
Get A Website Company On Flippa
Vending Machines
Silent Partnership For A Stake In A Company
Start A Podcast Sponsorship
Create YouTube Video Channel For Advertisement Income
Invest In A Food Truck
Create An Etsy Store (Crafts Or Jewelry)
Start An Shopify Store
Flip Domain Names
Rent Your Car

9.) Passive Income Programs

Cash Return Credit Card
Program For Travel, Hotels And Insurance Coverage

9 Types of Investment Strategies 2021

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