A Quick SWOT Analysis Adds Value

A Quick SWOT Analysis Adds Value 

A Quick SWOT Analysis Adds Value: In order for any business organization to thrive; Owners, Managers and HR must make valuable and quality decisions.  The SWOT Analysis is a quick and helpful tool that can be used when developing a strategic plan for your organization.  This tool can also be used to make solid day-to-day decisions concerning your organization.  In order for a business to make favorable decisions in either strategic planning or daily decisions; Owners, Managers and HR needs to assess the organization’s internal Strengths and Weaknesses, as well as its external Opportunities and Threats.  While Strengths and Weaknesses focus on reputation, customers and location; Opportunities and Threats focus on competitors, prices and suppliers.

1.) Strengths:

Strengths are internal, positive components of your organization in which you are fully in control.  What is your competitive edge?

2.) Weaknesses:

Weaknesses are internal, negative components of your organization that takes away from your company’s competitive edge.  You have the opportunity to change these negativity issues into Strengths.

3.) Opportunities:

Opportunities are external, positive impacts of your organization that are outside of your organization.  Your opportunity can also be a threat to your competitor.

4.) Threats:

Threats are external, negative impacts of your organization that are outside of your organization.  You should constantly monitor your organization’s threats.

Build a Quality Talent Pipeline

SWOT Analysis can be used at any level of business, from considering to enter into a new market to selecting a new employee.  When strengths and opportunities are maximized and weaknesses and threats are minimized, organizations will thrive.  If you use the SWOT Analysis for daily decisions, you will contribute a beneficial asset to your company!

The SWOT Matrix below will be helpful when conducting your SWOT Analysis. A Quick SWOT Analysis Adds Value


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