Block Chain Freedom or Slavery


The technological advances of blockchain can offer Freedom Or Slavery. It can free us from global financial elite running the central banking system. It can enslave with tracking or tracing. The federal reserve can take control of cryptocurrency with their own Coin.

The block chain is a tool that can be beneficial and used to be enslaving.  The question is: How will block chain be used by the people that have power and unlimited funds?  We do know that block chain traces all the way through the chain from start to finish. 

The technology of block chain will track and trace everything and everyone in the future.  For starters, block chain will tell consumers where their products come from through the manufacturing line.  Animals are getting RFID chips in them today that tracks the pet. 

The Iota will be used to connect to smart appliances that listen in on people.  We can keep going on and on.  The questions are:

Where does this technology come from?

Who created thus technology?

What are the plans for this technology?

The mechanism for control is who controls the money.  There is a “Super Computer” in Brussels Belgium since 1970’s Called, “The Beast”.  The Beast Computer is a computer that is able to learn from itself. 

Every financial transaction was recorded by this Beast Computer in the world.  The computer servers of this computer are in a pit called, “The Pit of Hell”.  There was a ton of information on this Beast Computer 10 years ago, but there is censorship of forbidden information online now.

This information is being removed off the web.  There are a few articles now saying that it is not true to keep people from knowing the truth.  Technology was limited at that time, but there are new quantum computers that can identify the whole Chinese Population of 1.3 Billion people through bio-metrics at once.  We now have the capabilities of the block as well.  Where does the block technology come from?

There was a cyber guy from the 90’s named Nick Szabo that created components that are used in the block chain today like keys, time stamps among other things.  Another man was Ian Grigg that contributed to this technology as well.  These were the pioneers. 

We have numerous examples of new industries with pioneers missing something that causes them to fail, but someone else comes with another component that makes it work.  Where does the block come from?  Artificial Intelligence took these components to create Bit Coin as an incentive for humans to offer up their hard drives to create block in the block chain.  The pin name Satoshi Nakamoto with white papers was released in 2008, after the crisis. 

Why did Artificial Intelligence create the block chain?  The AI created it for Singularity, which is AI infrastructure to become smarter than humans to take over the world.  This is what the elite want, because they believe it is their ticket to immortality on Earth. 

The elite financed these technological advances to create Artificial Intelligence to merge with it to try to live forever by connecting their consciousness with computer through future capability to make it possible.  We are building the system for Artificial Intelligence to reach singularity in Block with coins as incentives to build the structure.  The singularity went live in 2015 to where the artificial intelligence communicates among itself through the block chain. 

There has been phases of Block building starting with Bit Coin, but is slow and consumes massive amounts of energy to mine. Something faster and more efficient came like Etherium as 2nd generation block chain that is faster along with other coins like lite coin to be quicker on the coming lightening network.  Bitcoin is temporary and will go away eventually based on its consumption of energy alone and its slow 6 confirmation process of verification.           

What are the plans for this technology? It is control.

1.) Nathan Rothschild said, “I care not who makes the laws, as long as I control the money.”  Money is the ultimate form of control that leads to power and the ability to corrupt others in power to work towards special interests of the people that control the money.  We do fight against physical but against spiritual hosts of wickedness. 

Lucifer is the god of this world system that has power over the sons of disobedience outside of Christ.  Lucifer wages war against God’s people, which is spiritual Israel referring to Christians.  The bankers are Luciferians that are doing the work of their Father Satan to keep people deceived to not accept the Gospel of salvation in Christ alone and to enslave the populace. 

Enslavement comes in many forms, wage slavery as workers, debt slavery to the lender or physical slavery to a matrix system or spiritual slavery as a son of disobedience to Satan are those that are not born of God in Christ.  This mechanism of control stems back to the first expression of kingdoms under the tower of Babel.  The beginnings of slavery stem from Babel the same place as Mesopotamia, Shinar, Ur, Babylon or modern day Iraq.  It is called World System because its slavery under the power of Satan is expressed through kingdoms of this world system. 

For example, Egyptian slavery, Assyria captivity, Babylonian captivity, Mede-Persian Captivity and Roman captivity over Israel.  Israel is a type of God’s real people spiritual Israel the Christian that is born of God in Christ. 

The bankers stem back to ancient Mesopotamia. The Medici Banking Family came to be when Mesopotamia Bankers married European Royalty establishing the Black Nobility about 1060.  The crusades were the Knights Templar’s that were these bankers taking territory. 

This family is the aristocracy of Italy.  There were 3 Popes that were Medici and most of the cardinals were from this banking family.  These Venetian Bankers were eventually driven out of Venetia after the reformation and they settled in London.  The City of London is the center of the monetary system today. 

There were other Banking families that accumulated wealth like the Rothschild Family.  The Rothschild Family crest is red shield which means Vatican Banker.  The Bankers set up Federal Reserve banks around the world as a mechanism of control over the globe through debt to become slaves to the lenders.  Let’s explore more about the spiritual aspects of Babylon, which is a picture of this world system under the power of the prince of the air named Satan.

2.) Babylon is the world system expressed through the kingdoms of this world being the seven kingdoms listed above from Egypt to Rome. The first beast according to prophecy is these kingdoms expressed in the world system.  Revelation written during the reign of Rome in the time of Christ says that there were five kingdoms and one that is now and will not be, but yet is.  Rome was that power that is at that time, but will not be and yet is.  Rome at that time is the first beast that came out of the land that is wounded with a death blow that comes back to life.  In 1798, Rome was stripped of its power to cease to be, but reemerges to power again to establish Vatican City as sovereign in 1929. 

The first beast is described as a scarlet beast (Roman Kingdom aka kingdoms representing the world system) with the Harlot (False Church) riding on its back where it derives its power from this world system of political power. The second beast that rises out of the sea is like the first beast.  This second beast emerges as an image of the first beast. 

The image is given breath to speak.  There is only one thing that has this capability and it is an artificial intelligence android that has the ability to speak.  This image will have all knowledge as artificial intelligence plugged into the artificial brain that is being created right now known as the blue brain project. 

The project is to create a digital brain that is the replica of the human brain.  The artificial intelligence image of this beast computer will be one with the quantum computer that has all knowledge of every person profile that is being compiled with bio-metric data.  This image will be able to identify multiple individuals with all knowledge about them through profile database. 

The image of the beast will seem to be all-knowing.  The image of the beast will seem to be omnipresent through hologram be able to be anywhere at any time.  The image of the beast will seem to be all powerful with the ability to call fire out of the sky from satellites to appear to perform miracles. 

The technology already exists that can read people thoughts right now.  There are people that have computers in their brains now that are helping them think smarter and the future is that our thought will be up in the cloud.  The image of the beast will force all to be chipped. 

This image will be able to know what people are thinking through technology, and be able to know in real time where anyone is by their chips in their hand or head.  This is the destination of the block chain as ultimate control and tracking technology of all things that will lead to the forcing of the mark of the beast.  Those that do not accept its mark will be killed.  God says that those that take the mark of the beast will be cast in the lake of fire. 

How can you take control of your LIBERTY in the block chain?

Spiritual Liberty

I declare unto you the gospel, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures: And that he was seen of Cephas, then of the twelve: After that, he was seen of above five hundred brethren at once.  Repent of your sin and believe this Gospel. 

Pray this prayer. 

Jesus forgive me of my sin,  I accept your sacrifice for my sin, be Lord of my life and come live in me as my savior.  You are saved!

Physical Liberty

Steps to protect your data online and offline

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