Entrepreneurs create more than they consume 

Entrepreneurs create more than they consume 

Entrepreneurs create solutions for others. They create opportunities for others. The create tools for efficiency. Every entrepreneur starts out. Multilevel marketing is where you get skill. 

There are multi-level marketing companies everywhere.  I am not singling any companies out, but I promise that you have heard of the multi-level companies that I worked as an independent company owner.  However, I would like to express my thought with this model?  The first thing to note is that you can receive great training from these companies.  You can do well with these companies through a lot of time vested and at an expense.

This model is based on the fact that the Independent Company owner will consume a lot of their products in order for that same person to be paid back for their level of consumption.

Here is the process:

Sign up to be an independent company owner for the company to consume products for a percentage back.  Sign up others under you to become owners to consume products as well for a percentage back.  They are taught to repeat the process.

What is the problem?

The people that sign up purchase products that they do not need and then to get others to do the same.  You will get paid a percent back for your consumption.  There is no training to create your own products and to tell others to do the same.

 MLM is construct to consume not to teach you to create for others. You can learn principles to create solutions.

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