Escaping the rat race

Escaping the rat race

Starting a side hustle or WordPress blog on Bluehost that makes money requires small amount of money to launch. The real problems to entry are the ways of thinking like instant reward of pay each week.

Eliminate the excuses to escape the rat race

I do not have the time to start side hustle or website

There are only 1440 minutes in a day. The average person spends 16 hours working and sleeping. The average person wastes an hour in travel. There are 370 minutes left to create financial freedom for you and your family. You can be financially free in 370 minutes.

How to accomplish a side hustle in spare time?

You can create passive income on the side until you can quit working a job with a WordPress Blog that makes money. You do not need to be present to sell your products when you automate the processes on your website. You can sell, while you sleep, work at your job or are out some where.

What is Passive Income?

This is how passive income works. You set up the products once with automation to get paid over and over. Over time as you build out your WordPress blog content with offers, then you will notice that it is enough to replace your living income from your job. Use your time wisely and get started today.

I do not have the money  

The average cost to start a business is $100,000 today. You can start a WordPress blog business with Bluehost for less than a price of coffee at Starbucks. You get a free domain name at the same time of registration for webhosting for $4.00. Right now! Here is the link for Blue host website hosting.

The cost for the year to start a business online is less than $50 Dollars. You cannot afford not to start one, because there is no such thing as job security. In the crisis of 2008 I could not find a job for 2 years with a family and a house note. There will be another crisis. This is when I started my online business with WordPress blog using Bluehost.

How long can you survive if the economy tanks and you are jobless without income?

The average person will not survive 3 months according to statistics. I flipped a house and had tens of thousands of Dollars to get through that time.

I would have been the statistic without that money right before the collapse started in 2008. Use your coffee money wisely and get started.

I am not the tech type 

The tech stuff is simple. No coding required. Here is how it works. Signing up for webhosting solves this for you. The webhost that you sign up for has all of the files for your website that is content, pictures and logos. The webhost makes those files available to the world online for them to view through your website address called a domain name. This is what you pay them for to hold your files and make them available to view when your web page loads for a visitor.

You will need to select a domain name.  I recommend a .com over ,net or .org. The search engines will show a .com over the others.

In the past you would need to know HTML code to build out your website. Now you install WordPress on your webhosting account for your domain name. The WordPress install is a content management system that manages your content for you with the coding built into the system to be used as a platform. If you need any extra capabilities to build out your website, then you will install a plugin that has that code written in to work on WordPress. This makes it simple to put articles, pictures and other stuff on your website.

You might be thinking of free blogging websites to use. You should get your own webhosting with your own domain name to control your website. If you get a free website from blogger, then they control your website.

You cannot call tech support for problems with blogger. There is 24/7 tech support with Bluehost will solve problems for your website if you make a mistake. You control your customization of your website and customers will take you seriously with your own website that you control.

I am not sure what to start

How To Find Niche And Target Audience 

Find Your Business Niche Idea

Narrow Down Your Business Idea

Find Your Target Audience

I have been a full time blogger using a WordPress blog on Bluehost that makes money for 10 years.  There is no coding required to setup a website with WordPress. WordPress has made it simple to build your own WordPress blog in minutes.

How Easy it is to use WordPress?

If you know how to use Microsoft Word, then you can use WordPress. You type what you want on your page in the box, click add a picture button and then click publish. It is That easy.

How to setup WordPress blog in minutes?

In this article I will show you exactly how to create a WordPress blog on Bluehost down to the details. After I show you how to start the WordPress blog on Bluehost. I will walk you through setting up every tool needed to make money with your website successfully. Here is a list of some of the many things that I will walk you through setting up all in one place right here. No need to run all over the web trying to find out how to setup one piece here and there like me when I started. We will get you started easy.

Bluehost makes it easy to setup. All you need to do is follow simple guides on this page.  Let’s look at what you will setup below in Section I.

  1. How to find a profitable niche website And Target Audience (If you do not know what niche to start)
  2. Create your Bluehost account with free domain name
  3. Install WordPress blog on Bluehost in a few clicks
  4. Login to WordPress blog to choose your theme
  5. How to install WordPress plugins for blog
  6. How to configure blog permalinks (Very Important)
  7. How to setup blog pages
  8. How to setup metrics for your website traffic (Google Analytics) 

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