Why HR Outsourcing

Publicly traded companies have a corporate office space with an HR department that ensures that they are compliant. We offer the same level of expertise to new and small businesses that cannot afford to have the expense of an HR department or the salary of 68,000 to 120,000 for an HR expert to ensure compliance. We offer availability to HR experts with the latest regulation knowledge to ensure compliance through email, text or phone to consult you. Consulting services are a write off. Instead of paying taxes on profits, you can off set taxes and save on cost of staff salary with benefits, company payroll taxes on salary and training costs to keep them updated on the latest regulations.

How much is HR consulting?

Hr departments cost $120,000 a year only for HR person that is qualified to know the latest regulations, connection in network of Lawyers, boards and brokers that keep them notified on the latest regulations. There is no one fit for each company. Regulations are according to industry and employee numbers. Employer laws according to size for compliance.

What HR tools a company needs?

Do I need an employee handbook?

Yes. Employee handbooks are your companies protection against litigation. It is a guidebook for your companies policies.

Do companies need job descriptions?

Yes. This is to protect companies with employees that decide that they are not a fit for the duties protecting you from litigation. It is a communication tool for employees to perform. It is a qualifier for right employee requirements like degree, experience and physical requirements to validate that a person disabled person could not perform.

What are important HR practices?

Can employees perform duties not in their job description?

There are not specifics on this from the DOL, but this grey area could cost you in litigation after an employee leaves.

How do I establish exemption for employees with cross performing?

The fair labor standard act bases classification on “performed duties” that varies for businesses.

Do I offer paid time off to employees or not?

Employees have rights to paid time off for specific reasons by Law and companies that do not comply are at risk of cost with audits.

What hours are required to offer employees each week?

There are specifics on restrictions for 16 and under.

What breaks do I need to offer to employees?

The breaks vary from state to state. We can create a plan for your team to offer breaks that comply with law.

Do I present an offer letter to new hires?

There are no laws that you should offer an offer letter. The offer letter is a good practice to protect you in legal risk by establishing in writing the agreement with title offer, salary and written guidelines for employee to establish. Should there be a question after termination about situations the offer letter could be protection that you honored your agreement to the employee.

Should I run background checks?

The background check is to protect your company, employees or clients from dangers. It is a good practice.

Can I ask an employee to leave early after they place their two week notice?

This could constitute as involuntary termination that could allow the employee to file unemployment. There should be a reason why you would request early leave. If you are in a situation.

What would be considered insubordination?

When an employee is refuses to perform their duties willfully, harass or disrespect superiors.

What is an I-9 form?

The I-9 form verifies that a person can work. The forms are required to be filled out properly and on file for an audit. There are costs for each error on an I-9 times the number of employees with the errors on their forms.

Do I display federal posters on the wall? Which ones?

Yes. You are required by law to display posters. We can let you know which posters that you should post on your wall for your employees to view.

Can I get fined for not posting federal posters on the wall?

Yes. This is a non serious violation that costs up to 7000.

Should employees be paid for work after hours for sending an email?

The classification of status of exempt or non exempt is critical to classify correctly. The non exempt employee is required to be paid for any work after hours one and one half hour wage for sending an email. Failure can result in audit and three years back pay for one call about working off the clock without pay. There are cases of class actions costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We were going to fire a poor performing employee that notified us of family leave first. Can we still terminate the employee?

If the employee can prove that you violated the FMLA, then you could risk personal and federal lawsuit to force compliance.

What are results for EEO compliance failure?

Equal Employment opportunity violations can result in serious costs, lawsuits and loss of business. If you think that you are in violation of this or that an employee is going to file claim. You should receive consulting. There are plans that you should have in place in recruiting to prove that you are reaching out to everyone equally. We can create a plan for you.

Do I need to update my policies yearly?

There is no one fit for every company. Laws vary by employees numbers, industry and state in certain laws. Find out what you need for 1, 5, 10, 12, 15, 20, 50 or 100 employees. Employment laws by company size 1 to 100 employees.