Great economic reset how to protect assets or yourself

Great economic reset how to protect assets or yourself 

The great economic reset is a shift from one financial system to another that affects our monetary system. The policies of currency to change from paper to computer currency. The change of transacting credit from swift to lightning network. The interest rate of LIBOR to SONYA. This will affect everything in our financial future. It is not limited to financial. It is housing, food or health. Control over your livelihood with skills for self sustainability through growing your food is essential for survival in the future economy. Here are some concepts to consider.

The Dollar is unsustainable and will collapse.  The Dollar was worth $1.00 when we were on a gold standard, but when we took it off the gold standard it became fiat currency.   The fiat currency fluctuates in value, because it is not backed by anything of value.  A new financial system is coming with a new currency.

Therefore, the more debt that is issued, the less purchasing power it has.  Each dollar printed devalues the ones in circulation.  This is why prices go up on items.  The item is not more expensive. 

The Dollar is less valuable.  It takes more of those worthless Dollars to purchase the same product.  This is called inflation. 

The Dollar has only 3 cents left of its value.  It has lost 97% value.  We are facing another collapse and will not be able to bail it out through printing like in 2008.  The currency has no  value left and will collapse sparking a great depression worse than 1929. 

The Dollar is tied to all currencies through macroeconomics and will affect the globe.  We will have a liquidity problem, which means that there will be no credit.  Companies will close, people will lose jobs and mortgages will foreclose. 

There will be cash control limits on money from accounts.  Since you will not have cash, then the stores will not be able to keep shelves stocked without credit or sales from broke customers.  The united States will need to go to a new currency. 

It will likely be crypto currency.  There is a new interest rate system called Sonja coming by 2021.  The fact is that the only thing that holds value in situations like this is gold and silver. 

When Dollars are worthless, then real money becomes valuable.  Historically for thousands of years gold and silver holds its value and is the real currency.  Fiat currency reverts to its true value of zero historically. 

The 1988 Economist Magazine Cover shows a new currency on it with the date 2018 on the coin around the neck of the phoenix with currency paper burning.  This was 30 years ago showing the date that the new currency was coming.  There will be a collapse, but will it transition gently or in crisis. 

JP Morgan came out with a warning saying that we were going to see a liquidity crisis like we never seen before that would be worse than the great depression.  This is a Major banker saying this warning.  Prepare yourself with gold, silver and things that you can use to trade like skills, services, food and necessities. 

Grow your own food if possible.  Since crypto currency is the future in the new system, then you might want to get a strategy for crypto currency through your own research.  We do not offer investment advice and are not licensed professionals. 

Never invest in anything without research and talking to licensed professionals. 

How can you control your finances? How are you going to leave the world?  Are you going to leave it without a heritage?  Are you going to pass down something to future generations?  These are matters of estate planning.  The wealthy pass wealth from generation to generation.  The rest of the world passes what is left over from retirement to be separated among children to be spent. 

One controls wealth from generation to generation.  The other comes in with nothing and leaves with nothing.  It is education. 

The education with the right actions:

  • Accumulates wealth
  • Multiplies wealth 
  • Protects that wealth as dynastic wealth 

The mindset result of classes:

  • Poor spending on expenses without owning anything
  • Middle class spends on liabilities that depreciate, cost to upkeep and cost in interest through debt that they own after tax  
  • Wealthy invest in cash flowing assets that are almost tax free that multiply into other cash flows that are almost tax free that they control. 

The mindset is the result of poverty or wealth. 

How to control your estate?

Ownership in llc that is owned lp that is owned with trust you control. 

liberty In Block chain

Guard your liberty in block chain technology it will get tracked and profiled.  There are profiles being built on every American. There is a data center in Utah that is collecting this information and building profiles on every person as well as government agencies.  Here are some of the examples of ways that profiles are compiled:

There are fusion centers after 2001 that collect data by passing street light or cisco boxes on highways that takes every piece of data that is on your phone. The data goes to Utah from these centers.  There are stingray devices that police offices own that snatch every phone call out of the air within a five mile radius.  It acts as a phone tower that connects your phone allowing your phone conversation to be heard.  The GPS on your phone tracks where you travel.  When you say any of 200 words, your phone starts recording automatically to be flagged for analysis.  It kicks your phone into a database to be recorded from that point forward.  There is a network of five eyes that compile data.  One is in America, but the five have alliances with others that are up to 13 eyes across the globe. 

There are companies that share information with the government like AT&T, Verizon, Yahoo, Google, Facebook and Twitter. Every email is scanned from yahoo and google.  Every search is shared from Google, YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo and others.  When you sign up for rewards with businesses your purchases are tracked.  What you like to eat and wear.  Every credit card transaction is recorded in a computer called the beast in Brussels since the 1970’s. 

The cameras at traffic light records where your car travels. The new appliances listen to you in your home.  The smart meters on your home is monitoring how much energy you use and logs when energy is used and not used.  This shows when you are home and when you are not home.  It shows in essence your schedule.  This data is sent to data centers. 

This is without block chain technology. The block chain technology will be able to track what groceries you have in your fridge.  How much is left in each container and alert you when it is low.  Alert you when you use too much energy by cutting you off to control the amount of energy consumption.  What can be done right now to control your liberty?

1.) How to shield yourself online?

You can sign up for that is a virtual private network that shields your IP address when you are online.  You can use it on your phone or computer.

2.) How to shield your online searches from search engines?

3.) What companies are targeting and sharing data?

The companies sharing are Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Yahoo, YouTube, Twitter, AT&T and Verizon. Stay away from these as much as possible.

Use these social media platforms for business, but not for personal

Get rid of Apple products

Get rid of AT&T or Verizon as phone service provider

Use phone case to block signal to your phone when you travel until you need to use it

4.) How to shield your emails?

5.) How to shield your purchase?

Use cash not credit cards

6.) How to shield your purchases with rewards?

Use false name, email address and phone number that is not working

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