History of the industrial agesIndustrial ages timelime: gold/silver, bronze, iron and industrial

History of the industrial agesIndustrial ages timelime: gold/silver, bronze, iron and industrial

  1. Gold/silver age
  2. Bronze age
  3. Iron age
  4. Industrial age

What were the age period timelines?


Historians start with a stone age.  It is critical to understand that there was no stone age.  The first age is the Gold and Silver age.  Follow the history.  The Earth is 4004 B.C. in its Genesis from genealogy.  The Earth is approximately 6000 years old.  Everything was created in its fulness.  The first man and woman were formed as adults.  They were farming within 130 years.  The sons of Cain were forging iron and other metals within 200 years (Genesis 4-5).

Shinar is the first kingdom expressed in history.  Shinar (Genesis 10), Ur of the Chaldeans (Genesis 10 later), Mesopotamia (Genesis 24:10 to Isaiah 54), Assyria (Isaiah Exodus of Israel 722 B.C.) and Babylon (Jeremiah Exodus of Judea 586 B.C.) are the same places as modern time Iraq as southern Mesopotamia.  Mesopotamia is the origin of witchcraft (Deuteronomy 18).  In fact, this is the place where the ancient laws concerning land, tenants, money and commerce come from the code of Hammurabi.  This was ancient time around Assyrian to Babylon period.   

Gold and silver were accumulated from Eden to Babylon in the 586 B.C.  Babylon is described as the head of Gold.  The next was Medes and Persians as silver link as inferior kingdom to come.  This is the first age.  The next is Greece as the bronze to rule over the world.  The last is Romans as the iron (Daniel 2).  These are the four ages:

1. Gold and silver age: 4004 B.C. to 356 B.C. Accumulation of Gold and silver. (Abraham, Egypt, Babylon) Not A Stone Age!

This was known for agriculture and livestock, silver or gold.

2. Bronze age: 356 B.C. to 320 B.C. 

This was period of culture conditioning through common language and weaponry and war games gladiators.

3. Iron age: 300 B.C. to 1585 A.D. Power of Rome

Architecture, government structure or taxes.

  • Dark age: 325 to 1585

Rome is spoken of in three ways.  Is, is not in future, is in the future.  Rome switch from a political power to a religious power in 325.  The Catholic physical church is the mimic of the true.  Christianity is spiritual regeneration as a new creation as a spiritual race through faith.  The prophecy states that the follower of God would flee in the wilderness for 1260 years.  The truth was not preached for 1260 years for salvation through faith known as the dark ages.  The reformation of 1518 led to inquisition that killed 50 million Christians from 1341 to 1585.  Mary queen of scots quit the persecution.  1585 minus 325 is 1260.  This is the point when the Pope lost power.  Rome is not at this time.  Remember Rome is in the future.

  • Renaissance age: 1400 to 1565

The roots of the nation state was from Italy, France to England.  There were monarchs as early as 789.  The nation state is from 1400 to 1565.

  • Enlightenment age: 1685 to 1815

The roots of enlightenment was earlier that led to the reformation.  The education of mathematics, philosophy with other things led to the reformation.  The learning led to humanism that is the age of enlightenment.  This led to the first and second awakening as well for Christianity.  This is when the pilgrims, puritans with other people that were Christians came to America to flee the rule of the Monarch that wanted to control Christianity after the reformation in England.  This is when we will look at the American industrial age.

4. The Industrial Age: Future already in its root stages of globalism. America 1776 to present

  • The First Industrial Revolution: 1784

The railroad, steam engine or the loom for textile production.

  • The Second Industrial Revolution: 1870

Electricity, mass production to the assembly line.

  • The Third Industrial Revolution: 1956

Communication technology, electronic, or computers.

  • The Information Revolution: Present industry 4.0

Artificial intelligence, Wireless technology, Quantum computing or internet of things.

Rome: Ecumenicalism is the guise of world peace through the chaos that they manufacture for people to look for someone with a solution.  Luciferian financiers known as Vatican financiers will run everything through the false prophet the Pope with their first corporation to control your cash with their second corporation London to force with war power with their third corporation the United States.

The architecture of oppression is in place.  The global law of trade uniform commercial code is the true law.  FACTA with CRS is the sharing of governments globally to share citizens account around the world with their citizen country for taxes.  The profiles of information for cateloguing or tracking your every call, movement, spending or preferences.  Who are your freinds, connections or colleguees.  Survelience in your homes with siri, cortana, echo or others.  Facial recognition cameras in public.  GPS tracking in your phone while it listens to you when you are not using it.  Sent to a information center in Utah for storing.  Recording of all future calls automatically when you use certain words.  The 9 eyes that are sharing centers with most of the major countries in contract to track.  The point is 5G, quantum computing with IOT is the architecture of oppression with compterize cash as the ultimate form of control when they turn your cash off when you say something that is against their compliance.  The social scoring system will limit your ability to purchase things like shelter, access to cash or other.  We are close.


The future is:

Internet of things

  • cybersecurity
  • cloud computing
  • edge computing
  • mobile technologies
  • machine-to-machine
  • 3D printing
  • advanced robotics
  • RFID technology

cognitive computing

  • Cyber-physical systems (CPS)
  • Cloud computing
  • Edge computing
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Research for your future wealth.

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