How Entrepreneurs Spend their money

How Entrepreneurs Spend their money

Entrpreneurs spend their money on their companies. They invest in themselves. They take care of your own monthly living costs. Get rid of unnecessary liabilities, expenses and personal subscriptions.  Pay yourself first.  Start with a hundred dollars.  The next month double it.

Keep doubling monthly.  You will train yourself to look for cash flow instead of a budget.  Spend cash on assets that produce cash flow!  You are an asset that can produce cash flow through financial education.

The rich use credit cards for cash back, flyer rewards and stays.  They pay off the balance every month and on time.  No other reason.  They do not pay interest, but get the benefits.  The rich use company cards for company expenses not personal expenses.

The rich do not own cars; they lease cars through their companies for a write off of the monthly note.  The lease gets better benefits than owning the car through the company.  They use debt for companies and real estate rentals.  Owning a home is bad debt not good debt.  I sold mine for that reason.  Own rentals to cover your personal note and then you can own.

The rich look to pension funds, hedge funds, REIT, public offerings and venture.  Don’t forget about crowdfunding.  They take that cash flow and place that cash into another cash flow asset.  The middle class use banks.  The poor use pawn shops.

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