How to create a email campaign

How to create a email campaign

The first thing that you need is an email list. How to create mailing list for my website. You will need traffic to your website to get target audience to sign up for email list. You need to get attention from everywhere that your target audience spends time. Avenues that you can use for attention. These are some as examples there are others. You want to send that traffic to a landing page with a free offer for their email.

How to get attention to your website





Google (SEO)

Free E-Book



Web 2.0


Collaboration: Bloggers, Radio Shows, Podcast Shows Others forms of engagement is subscribing, sharing and commenting to your channels.

How to connect to target audience to create lead on list

Funnel that traffic to a free offer that is valuable to them on a landing page for their name and email address. The traffic becomes a lead when they sign up to your email list. Your email list is your company list of customers. The sign up form on your landing page will be set up from coding for a contact form from an automated email service that will send out the confirmation email to opt in to your list. Once they respond to the confirmation link, then the free offer will be sent out automatically.

How to convert leads to customers

The next step is campaigning to your list. This is called soft selling. Your campaigns are how you sell your products to your list. If you have three products, then you will set up three series of emails to be sent every three days.

Product #1

Email #1 Content that is useful that relates to your product.

Email #2 Content that is useful that relates to the product.

Email #3 Content that is a couple of paragraphs that is compelling with a link to get other content on the statistics or testimonial. The link will lead to a click funnel page with your product #1 offer.

Click Funnel #1 Offer

Click Funnel #2 Get a second one at 50% for someone you know or 50% off product that relates.

Click Funnel #3 Exclusive offers not found anywhere else on our site, because you are valued get first 90 days free when you pay for one year of our program.

Click Funnel #4 Checkout page

Repeat this process for every product that you offer for sale. Product #2 and #3

You will have a total of 11 emails that are automated over a period of 31 days.

Tip: You do not need to have everything created right now, but you want the process created to build it out as you create your products.  Start with where you are and work until you complete your goals.

Your Value page promised to offer value for opting in, so some free videos can provide that value. There should be 3 email sequences.  The first sequence is designed to bring leads into entry level cheaper offer.  Here is the process:  The first email should go out right after opting in with a welcome and free valuable content related to your entry level product (that will be mentioned in email three).  If you say that they are going to get something free, then follow your promise.  The second email should be on day 4 with content related to your entry level offer, and then one week later send valuable content with your entry level offer.  At the end of your emails say, “If you like these videos or articles, then maybe you will like this product with extra value for sale.”  You will lead them from the email to a sales page.  That sales page should lead to a checkout page.

How to create a email campaign

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