How to create email list and autoresponder checklist

How to create email list and autoresponder checklist

how to setup an email list, autoresponder and landing page checklist. Follow the checklist to create your email campaign. Start up your online company list:


1.) Get Services

[ ] Find landing page plugin (I recommend Think Landing Pages You can go here or use another below.  How to set up think landing pages video.


Log-in to your Word Press website.  Go to plugins.  Click on the add plugin button. Type in search box: Landing pages.  Click the download on the one you select. Click activate button.  The landing page plugin will show in your menu or you need to look at plugin on your site to activate it.

[ ] Create Free Offer (Cheat sheet, Newsletter, EBook, Report, Coupons)


Write in some benefits of value for your visitors to subscribe: free book or a video. Check out my free e-book how to write a book in 30 days to show you how to write a free book to offer of your own by following the steps.  You will need to embed the video or place the link for your gift into the email auto responder.

[ ] Sign up for Email auto responder service (I recommend Aweber)


Sign up for E-mail auto responder.Start 30 day free trial. You will need to submit a credit card, they will not charge unless you continue the next month for that month.  Sign up for an Aweber account: Create your account profile.

Disclaimer: This is an affiliate link. There is no additional cost to you for using this link for services. Thank you if you do use the link.

Here are some important things to know about why you need an E-mail auto responder:

The law states that companies must get people to opt-in, when they subscribe to an online business website.  The subscription is a twofold process.  The subscriber signs up to be on the websites e-mail list from call to action on website.  An E-mail auto responder can be used to send an confirm email that will automatically be sent to the subscriber.  The email will ask the people that signed up to confirm that subscription.  Once the subscription is confirmed, then that one subscriber can be put on the e-mail list.

The law says that online business has to have the businesses address (P.O. BOX) sent in every e-mail that is sent to its subscribers.  There must be an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email sent out as well.  These are the reasons why people sign up for an e-mail auto responding service.  An email auto response service has more success in the delivery of bulk e-mail campaigns being sent out as well.

2.) Email and landing page set up

[ ] Email auto responder set up


Create a list.   Create your first email with the link to your free offer in the email.  Grab the code to your sign up form for that list.  Get the HTML code or java script for your form and copy it.  Go to your website landing page back end to paste the HTML code or java script in to the places that you want a sign up form to show on your landing page.  Save it. View the landing page.  Select one of the theme layouts for your landing page.  Save the page.  Create the headline and bullet points about your free offer. Call to action is the email form for the free offer.  Save the page.  Start building the list.  Place forms:

Pages or posts

Start building your online businesses client list, because the money for any online business is in the e-mail list.  Remember that a business must have a product to sell, and a client to buy that product that solves their problem.

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