How to Create Job Descriptions

How to Create Job Descriptions

How to Create Job Descriptions:

What is the purpose of a job description?  The job description provides:

(a) an understanding of a position’s major responsibilities,

(b) details how the responsibilities are accomplished, and

(c) identifies the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to perform a job.

When new positions are created, a new job description must be created to communicate the position properly.  HR or a Company Manager must ensure that new job descriptions are congruent with all previous job descriptions for the organization.  Also, the description format must be the same consistently throughout the organization.   This article covers two aspects of job descriptions:

(1) why job descriptions are important to recruiting and

(2) what to include in a job description. 

Job Descriptions and Recruiting

The Job Description is the key to the recruitment process.  A well thought out description provides the Hiring Manager and/or HR with essential information used to develop interview questions, interview evaluations and reference check questions.  A well written description:

  • Provides a first impression of the organization to the candidate
  • Clearly communicates responsibilities and qualifications to attract the best suited candidates
  • Offers an opportunity to clearly express the value for the position
  • Serves as documentation to help prevent, or defend against, discrimination complaints by providing written evidence that employment decisions are based on rational business needs
  • Improves retention as turnover is highest with newly hired employees. Employees tend to be dissatisfied when they are performing duties that they were not originally hired to perform
  • Optimizes online search results by ensuring job postings rank high in candidate searches
  • Establishes FLSA classification and Payroll Title
  • Highlights tasks, work flow and accountability, enabling the operation and growth plan of the department
  • Establishes performance objectives
  • Is used for career planning and training by providing clear distinctions between levels of responsibilities and required competencies
  • And finally, establishes benchmarks to assist in ensuring internal and external equity

What to Include in a Job Description

A Job Description also serves as a solid basis from which an Employee Development Plan can build upon.  Job Descriptions help in building and implementing Employee Development Plans in three ways.

First, a job description helps the employee to understand their current role.

Next, job descriptions help to show the employee how they fit into the organizational structure. 

Finally, job descriptions exhibit what steps to take in order to grow their career within the organization. 

This valuable communication tool should include the following list:

  • Job Title
  • Department Name
  • Supervisor’s Position Title
  • FLSA Classification
  • Supervisory Level
  • Required knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA’s)
  • Description of the position with General areas of responsibility
  • Essential Functions of the position
  • Required Education and Experience
  • Preferred Education and Experience
  • Description of the physical demands and work environment

Job Descriptions should be updated annually for any changes to the employee’s responsibilities, title, status, etc.  A good time to make these adjustments is after each annual review or evaluation.  Also, make sure that the employee reviews and signs the updated description for compliance purposes. Human Resources Creating Job Descriptions  Click here for an article on Human Resources Recruiting and Selection

How to Create Job Descriptions?

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