How to Drive Away Talent on Social Media


Learn what not to do in this article: How to Drive Away Talent on Social Media: When used properly, social media can be a great tool for any Recruiter, Hiring Manager and Business.  Statistics show that online marketing generates three times more leads for job postings than traditional marketing, but costs 62% less. This is a very powerful tool in the hands of an employer, because it provides the specific talent pool at a lower cost than conventional job board advertising.   Any Hiring Manager or Recruiter will tell you have difficult it can be to build a talent funnel with quality and engaged candidates.  Since building a talent funnel can be difficult and time consuming, make sure that you are perusing your talent pool accurately.  You may be working so hard to build this funnel, you don’t realize that you are actually working against yourself and pushing talent away.

There are many ways to drive away talent using social media.  If an employer wants to lose the chance of adding great talent to their organization, they will:

Set up a bare minimum profile with only the business name, address, email, basic information.  Do not disclose any information about the company.  Who needs to know, right?


Avoid sharing photos, employee testimonials, information on company events and perks…oh, definitely do not share in some way how great the benefit package is!


Immediately push all your job openings on every candidate in site without regard to them meeting qualifications or essential functions of the job.


Immediately find a potential candidate and chase them down.   Send them tons of emails every day pushing your company and the job opportunity on them.


If you get a response, treat the candidate like a target ready to be hog-tied and pulled in.  (Don’t they know how fabulous your company is?)


Immediately rush to judgement concerning the potential candidate’s abilities to meet the job requirements by how their profile may be set up. (I mean, you cannot be a great procurement agent without knowing the ins and outs of all social media platforms, hmm—I am being sarcastic.)


Break every legal requirement on the books:  Ask them if they are married, have kids, often get sick, age and race, own a car, been arrested?;  filed bankruptcy?  I think you get the point!


Ignore followers.  (Enough said.)


Building A Talent Pipeline

Ok, so let’s get real here.  How should recruiters and hiring managers recruit on social media?

These 3 steps should get you on track to engage quality candidates on social media!

Step 1: SETUP

Depending on your company’s preferences and target audience, there are multiple social media platforms to choose from…. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Periscope, Instagram, Pinterest and more.  Each platform has its own strengths, so take a little time to figure out which one (or more) best fits your needs.  After selecting and signing up for your social media platforms, your business should first Build out a Company Page on the platform(s).  Display what it would be like to work for your company.  Include employee testimonials, interviews, survey results, media articles, etc. It wouldn’t hurt to ask those employees who have profiles to voluntarily share their employee experience as well.  A great addition is to post event photos, like Company Family BBQ’s, Company Luncheons, Community Service Events, etc. Don’t forget to add hashtags to photos. Show that your company is a great place to work!

Creating Job Descriptions


Approaching potential candidates with genuine discussions can go a long way.   Remember that they are people, they are not walking resumes. Here are more tips:

(a) Take time to learn more about candidates and review their qualifications.

(b) Don’t ignore followers.  You would be surprised at how busy recruiters will overlook great talent because they are swamped with overloaded talent funnels that are based on quantity instead of quality.

(c) You should definitely stay away from personal questions that are potentially illegal—do not use any questions listed above.  Not only are they illegal, but they place the applicant in an uncomfortable situation.

(d) Don’t only share information about your business; but share other pertinent information, like industry information from a third party for example. Remember that your awesome profile is set up, so you won’t have to over sell. 

(e) Set your company apart: Most applicants will search for a brand when looking for new opportunities and other businesses are competing for great talent as well. 

(f) Make every effort to make the candidate comfortable.


After you have opened dialogue with a potential candidate, try to turn them into an engaged candidate.  At this point you can post/refer a job opening or request survey participation or feedback.  Also, you should be able to identify what the candidate is expecting.  You should be able to share information and answer questions about your company and job related questions.  In many cases, the candidate is not looking to make a move at that moment; but if you stay in contact with them and maintain a good relationship, the candidate will be won over in time.

If each candidate is properly recruited on social media, your talent funnel should start to build.  It is best to build this funnel at a steady pace in order to win over quality candidates.  Bonus: Employee engagement and retention can be traced all the way back to recruiting, so kick off their employee experience the right way! How to Drive Away Talent on Social Media 

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