How to get entrepreneur mindset

How to get entrepreneur mindset

The Mindset of an Entrepreneur when contrasted with an Employee Mindset differs in money, time and work.
When an employee thinks about money, he/she is limited.  They are limited because the employee says I need to get an extra job or work more hours to acquire more money. The problem with this mindset is that it is limited.

It only involves the employee’s 24 hour period that he/she is allowed to work and only allows a certain wage maximum.  The employee is limited on 3 grounds: (1) at the most he/she will be able to work up to 16 hours (if 2 full time positions) (2) wage will max out (3) time and effort will max.  They will need to sleep also!
The Entrepreneur on the other hand, can say I need more money, I need to hire someone to increase my productivity….then I can sell more… and I can make twice the profit, because I have now added another human resource or an asset that can make me money.

Secondly, the Entrepreneur is thinking, “what amount of money can I invest to make money on interest or a return?”  Third, I can create a new product and put it on a system of automation from purchase to delivery.  This process does not need the Entrepreneur’s involvement once it is on a system of automation.
The Employee is limited on all 3 levels.  They are limited because only they are putting out productivity, only 24 hours in a day is available to them and they are maxed out at a certain wage.  Employee mindsets usually invest in 401Ks, where long term growth of compound interest.  The will not be able to increase like an entrepreneur because of the difference in this mindset.
So the Entrepreneur can increase on 3 levels.  The Entrepreneur can multiply his/her staff, which will multiply productivity.  He/She can create a product that can be placed on an automated system.  He/She can also use money to increase for them.  

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