How to invest in artwork

How to invest in artwork

There are plenty of ways to invest in art.  The art industry was worth 64 Billion in 2017.  The art industry globally was worth 67 Billion in 2018.  There is evidence that it is increasing in interest as an investment.  There were 40 million sales in 2018.  This is stats from statistica.

There are over 70 art funds globally.  Most in China according to research from Art Tactic and Deloitte.  There was an estimated 400 Million Dollars worth of art combined around 2014.

What are some ways to invest in art?  There are funds, paintings or cryptocurrency.

1.  There is physical art that you can get from this website.  This is a education website that talks art.  They talk offerings that are current.  They talk artists that are profitable for this era.

2. This is a cryptocurrency company that is allowing people to place cash for art.  The time frame is 7 to 10 years.  There is a couple percent fee every year.  There is 20% fee when art is auction off.  There is average of 8 to 20 percent a year.

3. Cryptocurrency can increase in value:

Read their whitepaper to research the technology that is for art.  Go to their websites.  Research their value on  Research and consult professionals.  You can lose money.  This is information not advice.

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