How to learn financial literacy

How to learn financial literacy? Statistics: 68% of people do not have $400 in savings.  88% of businesses in America are started by immigrants.  The way to financial freedom is with streams of income.  The possibility of financial freedom by trading hours for Dollars is limited.

Why? People are stuck at a wage and there are 24 hours.  We need sleep.  Therefore, one income from a job alone is limited.  We work to live not live to work.  It was said, I would take 1% of one hundred peoples labor instead of 100% of my own.  This is important because freedom comes through incomes plural not one income alone.

The key is to not spend more when you make more.  Statistics show that 99% of people that grow up poor stay poor and 99% that grow up wealthy continue to create wealth.  The poor never cross over that gap.  What is the point?  We cannot keep doing the same financial things over and over and expect our financial life to change.  You cannot save your way to wealth over 40 years with inflation through saving one income in a 401k.  The purchasing power of that Dollar in 40 years loses 90% of its value.  This is the reason for financial education.  

Root Out Old Knowledge That Lead To Poverty For Wealth Of Knowledge.

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