How to make money blogging in 2022

How to make money blogging in 2022

Start A Side Hustle For Extra Money In Your Spare Time. Start an online Business Website Using WordPress to Blog To Make Money. In Order To Make Money Blogging You Will Focus On How To:
Be your own boss    Execute Systems And Strategies
  Create The Life You Deserve   Get Targeted Attention That Converts
  Control Your Schedule   Focus On Raising Sales
  Clarify Your Goals   Consistency Daily Action Steps
There is no such thing as a get wealthy quick scheme.  This is not one of those offers.  This is not a MLM or pyramid scheme.   The time frame can take you 6 months to 2 years.  Some do it quicker.  My experience was four months before my first sale. You are a unique person with different personality, background, experiences, desires and experience from those that you want to copy.  The results will not be the same for everyone as a result. Can You Be Successful? There are three billion people online from 1995 to 2015.  The estimation is that another 3 billion will be online by 2020.  You have the ability to access this global community online.  One thing to keep in thought is that not everyone is your customer.  Here is an example. Goal is to Replace 100,000 yearly salary.  You need to reach 73,000 targeted audience to create 2190 sales at $45 for that year.  You need 200 targeted customers daily to sell 6 at 3% conversion! There are 3 billion people online now!  You need to reach only 200 people out of the 3 billion.  This is ten thousandths of 1%, so  0.00001% of that 3 billion is 200 people to sell 6 products at 3% conversion rate.  There will be 6 billion by 2020!  Statistics will be 0.0000000001% to reach for 200 targeted people to sell 6 offers at 3% conversion rate!  You need 200 people x 365 is 73,000 yearly. Do they have 73,000 people of my target audience out of 3 billion people?  Yes!  Do they have $45 Dollars? Yes!  Yes, you can be successful. Why You Should Start An Online Business? Robotics will make you obsolete in the work place.  There is an occupation calculator online that shows 98% of occupations will be replaced by robots, software, AI or Intrernetof things.  The occupations are in 90% range, but the CEO 3.4% range that will be obsolete. The people running the system will approve a “UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME OF $10,000 A YEAR FOR EVERYONE AT 21”.  Look it up!  Anything that you have in 401k or account will be used in the bail in.  If you do not hold your cash in your hand, then the cash is not in your control.  It can be taken from you.  The bail in started in Europe already.  One bank used the funds in their accounts to pay off its liabilities and it was sold for $1.  Yes in 2018.  FDIC of $250,000 for each account has 99 years to pay you back.  You will be here in 99 years.  Ok.  Look it up!   There is only 1.59 trillion in cash in circulation according to federal reserve website and 12 trillion in accounts.  They cannot pay you back.   Their liabilities are 370 trillion with collateralized obligations.  Can you provide for your family on $10,000 government handout.  If you can, then keep working and placing your checks in your accounts.  THIS IS NOT FOR YOU!

Robots are Coming Article!

FAQ How do I know if this is for me? If you want to find a way to break free from a life of a 9-5 job, then you are right for this opportunity.  Do you want flexibility to create cash flow around your current schedule, then this can be done in your spare time.  Do you need more freedom to control your own time.  If the answer to any of these questions  is yes, then this is for you. How do I know if I am ready? The norm is to be reluctant about doing something new.  The negativity has been drilled into us from an early age.  The truth is that time waits for no one.  When we started a new job, we are nervous about how we will do.  When we venture off to new places that are far away from home, it can be nerve racking until we gain the experience.  W e did it and now we know that there was nothing to it.  You only need to do one thing, start.  The system is the experiential guide for you to follow.  The system tells you what to do from start to finish.  Your success stems from the systems. Is this only  for 18-25 year old that know technology? No.  This is for anyone who wants to create cash flow that is passive income.  The truth is that WordPress has created a system that requires no coding.  You type in the words and click publish like a word document.  It is easy and simple.  There are plugins to create the functionality that you need to customize your website.  It is all created, simple to use and available to you for free.   When can I expect cash flow? *Results may vary.  I cannot promise you results, because people come from different skill levels, educations, employment, mentalities and experiences. 

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