How to make money online

How to make money online?  Here is a list of ways to make money online:  

1.) Write an E-book:

This could be a how to guide or a step by step manual.  It could be a curriculum of some kind that teaches people about a topic.  There is also the avenue of becoming a professional book writer.  Here are some of the places that you can launch your book:

  • Create Space
  • Amazon
  • Kindle
  • Snippet
  • LULU

Follow Steps

How To Write A Book In 30 Days

2.) Start an Online Forum:

The forum would be focused on a specific topic. Once you build the community, then you could start charging a fee to join.

3.)Create a Word Press plugin:

There are a variety of things to create that you can charge people to buy.  Create a account to create plugins to sell.  List them in the WordPress repository.  Create a website with tutorials on how to use the plugin.

4.) Create an iPhone App:

There is plenty of opportunity in the mobile application market.  You can create applications that can be sold.  The applications can create ad revenue for you.  The apps can be:

  • Ringtones
  • Games
  • Organizational apps

5.) Create Software that solves a problem or saves somebody time:

A great income generating tool can be a software program that helps a business run more effectively.  It can also be an organizational tool that keeps track of things for the business.  This kind of software can either be sold or a monthly charge for them to log in to your network to use the software.

6.) Create a service based website:

A service based website could be a link building service or a website design service.  The client will be charged for a service that provides the client’s specific need.

7.) Become a web host:

Purchase your own server for the purpose of creating websites for people that you host for a monthly income.

8.) Become a website flipper:

You create websites and flip the website for a profit.  You can also buy websites with potential to build out for a profit.

9.) Selling your photography online:

  • Istock
  • Fotolia

10.) Create art work:

List it on your website with videos that showcase online with link to gallery.  Create podcast that teach about art with link to gallery.  Interview artists and gallery owners to rank for traffic to get a following.

11.) Create craft work:

Follow the same pattern of video and podcast to link to website.  Interview other people that are in the niche.  Go to festivals, shows and events with work.

12.) Create your interest, experience or knowledge:

Teach people with a website, video or podcast to sell products through affiliate marketing around your niche.  Not sure what to create?  Get this resource and follow the instructions. 



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