How To Setup Website Checklist

How To Setup Website Checklist


This is a video walk through to set up your website. Copy the link below and paste it into your web browser to set up your website.  Follow the steps on that page.

1.) Go to link: How to create a blue host website (Click link follow walkthrough with checklist)

Blue host account with free domain name (Click this link to Blue host to open in another window to follow walkthrough for web hosting on checklist to create website)

Disclaimer: This is an affiliate link.  There is no additional cost to you for using the link.  Thanks for using the link.

[ ] Sign up for your domain name with Blue Host web hosting

[ ] Go to Email address that you used for web hosting account for your username and password

[ ] Log into Blue host C-panel to install your Word Press

[ ] Go to your email for Word Press Username and password if it does not pop up after sign up

[ ] Log into your website if you selected a .com: You will type your website: to login after you install Word Press.

2.) Word Press Dashboard installations for functionality

[ ] Set up your theme

Go to the menu on the left side of your Word Press backend. Scroll to appearance.  Click appearance and then theme.  Click add theme at the top of the page.  Select from the Word Press themes a theme that you want.  I use the “one press” for my digital products theme.  You can customize when you build out your website.


[ ] Set up your plugins

Steps: The reason why I do this step first is that sometimes themes may not be compatible with certain tool and it can cause problems with the website.  You want to ensure compatibility of plugins with your theme before you concentrate on content.  Otherwise you may waste your time when the theme shows an error that will not load correctly.

Follow these steps for plugins: Scroll down on your dashboard left side menu to plugins.  Click on add new scroll down or scroll out.  Type the names below in the search box and then click enter.  Select the one from the list.  Click install.  Activate.

  1. Yoast SEO– You will need to set up your posts and pages under where you type your content.  You will need to fill in the title, keyword and meta description.
  2. W3 Total Cache– You will need to clear your cache from time to time or your website can perform slower.  You should configure this tool.  Watch a tutorial on this tool.  There are features that you should learn. (One of the checks in this cache will conflict with woo commerce by not processing the selected product for sale.  You will need to go to the backend and uncheck the individual ones separately and then click update.  Check your woo commerce. If it goes through to the checkout page, then leave that one cache unchecked. It should work fine, otherwise use another cache plugin.)
  3. Contact form- You will need a form for people on your contact page.
  4. Blubrry power press- This tool will provide you with a place to upload your podcast to on the bottom of your posts where you type in content. (If you want to do podcasting).
  5. Tube press- Put a video gallery on your website of your YouTube or vimeo videos. (If you want to embed your videos. Do not upload to your website. Upload to YouTube and then embed. You could crash your website.)
  6. Smart slider 3- This will allow you to put slides on your website without any way for people to leave your website when the slide is finished. (If you like presentations then create them).

[ ] Check your permalinks and settings (Do not skip this).

You need to scroll down to settings and click on permalinks.  You will come to permalinks settings page. Notice the screenshot below.

Click on post name.  You will see a box behind your website domain name: If you do not see this: /%postname%/.  You need to put this there.


Click save changes.

[ ] Check your settings under general to click on home page if you are not using blog for your home page. Click save changes.

[ ] Customize

Go to customize under your appearance on the left side. Click on customize. Add your logo or website name. Change the colors of your website buttons. There are plenty of things that you can change until you finish. Click on save.

3.) Create pages (You create pages in the Word Press dashboard)

The website menu needs to focus on customers. The focus of the pages is for customer needs.  Be descriptively specific about what you do for them.  For example:  Don’t say, “We can get you clients.”  Instead be specific, “Be #1 on Google in 30 days”.  Get specific.  The average website visitor leaves the website in 30 seconds unless you capture their attention. 

This is why the content above is critical.  The headline has to be specific with what you offer to your customers.  This is the opportunity to speak about your target customers problems and solutions that you offer.  You can use figures that showcase your success.  You can let your customers talk with testimonials.  These are all persuasive ways to connect with your target audience.  Don’t talk about you or your company.  Talk about your customer.

[ ] Create home page

Homepage step is different:

There will be a couple of pages already created with hello world or about me. You can start with these by changing the title of one to your home page name or trash them. Start a new page from the menu on the left side of the Word Press dashboard.

Some themes allow you to create customized page under customize under appearance. Go to the page that you are going to create as your home page. The right side of the dashboard of your home page under the publish button there is page attributes with a scroll down titled template.

The template will say home in the list if your theme allows you to create home page under appearance. You need to select the home for that page or create the page from that page under default or another option. If you have a theme that creates your home page in customize, then you may want to click on home to show the page in the front end of the website before you publish. You might not need to click it, but some require that you click it.

Elements of this page

[ ] Name your page in title box located over the body box with visual or text tab over it.

[ ] Place a picture or graphic. Go to media button to the left of the content box. Click the button to add a photo from your computer.

[ ] You can use a video at the top of this page that tells your customers what you do for them.  Write your content for your customer with a subscribe button to an email list.  You should bold or underline the keywords that relate to the topic beside the one that you use in the title.  Place the keyword in the ending paragraph.  You should place links from your website any place that you can in that content.  You can use a graphic with statistics that showcase your benefits. This page is great for testimonials.

You need a call to action to lead them to what you want them to do. Spell it out with a button to click and tell them to click the button. People are programmed to follow steps when they are told to do the steps.  Watch your grammar and spelling. Links at the bottom of your page will keep them on your website, if they do not click on the call to action. The links are to be consistent content that address their problems to persuade them to click.

[ ] Create about page

Elements of this page

[ ] Name your page about in the title box

[ ] Place a photo or graphic. Go to media button to the left of the content box. click the button to add a photo from your computer.

[ ] You can use a video of customer testimonies about what you did for them. You write about the customers.  How you solve their problems.  Why choose you for their problems?  Sell them on the fact that you, company and product are a 10.  Write the page with specifics that persuade them to a call to action.  Place a subscribe button to your email list on this page.

[ ] Create services page

Elements of this page

[ ] Name the page in the title box

[ ] Place a picture or graphic. Go to media button to the left of the content box. click the button to add a photo from your computer.

[ ] Showcase your services or products with photos and explain the benefits with a call to action, subscribe or free quote.

[ ] Create contact page

[ ] Create a contact form for the customer to write you a comment. Place your PO BOX or business address.  You can place an email for customer support and or number.

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