How to start a Career in HR

Looking for a Career in HR?

Looking for a career in HR?  Do you have a desire to start a career in human resources?  If so, what would the path forward look like?

Human Resources is a great path to consider if you enjoy motivating people and helping businesses to succeed.

Consider these questions:

  • “How can we ensure that we hire enough people to cover our increase in workload in the next three years?”
  • “How will we train our new employees in China?”
  • “How can we help our employees to have a better atmosphere at work?”
  • “How can we prepare (staff and compliance) to take on these new clients?”
  • I just read an exciting statistic concerning the growth of HR: “HR manager positions are expected to grow by 13 percent through 2020 with an average salary of $99,720.”

How Valuable Is HR?

If you are interested in this path, here are a few tips that will kick-start your HR career:

1) Educate yourself:

You can educate yourself through online training, webinars, college courses & programs.  There are also many facets of HR to explore.  Benefits Administration, Compliance, Talent Management, Organizational Development and Performance Management are a few functions in HR.  Social Media is also a great way to stay informed and connected.  Many HR professionals use Linked In, and Twitter.

5 Reasons HR Should Be Visible to Employees

2) Gain Knowledge:

Whether you decide to take internships during college or find an HR position while attending classes; there are many ways to increase your experience and knowledge base in HR.  Three years of real world experience should be enough time to experience day to day HR functions, challenges and opportunity.  It should also be enough time to be approved to take your certification exams.  You should know after three years in HR if you want to pursue this career path or not.  HR is not for everyone, and I strongly suggest that you take this time of experience to decide if HR is for you.

3) Keep Learning:

The only way you should stop learning is if you are dead!  This is true in HR as well as in life.  Continue learning through webinars, conferences, day-to-day experiences and training (to name a few).  Most of these trainings will offer certification credits to keep up your professional certifications.

Time Management in a Hectic HR Environment

Looking for a Career in HR? 


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