How To Start Blog That Makes Money 2022

How To Start Blog That Makes Money 2022

How To Start Blog That Makes Money 2022? You should start a blog.  It is Simple to work!  It is a platform with code built into it already called WordPress.  This page will walk you through How to start blog that makes money 2021. 

1.) What is a blog and how to use it

2.) How to select niche & target audience

3.) What type of product to create to offer on blog

4.) Create Your Bluehost Webhosting Account

5.) Select Bluehost Plan

6.) Choose Bluehost Domain Name

7.) Bluehost account information

 8.) Bluehost payment

9.) Check  for Webhost email

10.) Mojo Marketplace (Word Press)

11.) Click WordPress

12.) Click WordPress install

13.) WordPress Domain Name

 14.) Choose type of blog 

15.) Choose a WordPress theme

16.) Set up plugins

17.) Permalinks

18.) Tips for Pages

19.) Create your Pages 

20.) After set up blog

The walkthrough is designed for you to create a business online that will be profitable that will be within the realm of your capability and experience.  The business will be automated with systems that will allow receive passive income.  The process is to sell products on autopilot that have a funnel of traffic that convert to leads on an email list that will be brought through a series of campaign emails that are automated to convert those leads for sales.  Startup Raw shows wonderful people just like you a low cost, low risk way to start up their own website with Word Press blog that creates passive income.

1.) What is a blog and how to use it

Word Press is a Content Management System that is created for the beginner to feel confident with putting content out the first time that they publish content.   You will know how to use it after doing it once.  You simply open a post or page:

  • Type your title
  • Write your article
  • Insert a picture
  • Click to publish

Word Press is like a word document, you type and publish.  You don’t need to know code; this is why they created plugins.  You don’t need to create a design; there are 2,087 themes to pick for free.  I created tutorials of everything that I do with my WordPress websites with blogs for free.  

2.) How to select niche & target audience

Select a niche for blog.  Research the niche of interest.  Research the target audience for profit potential.  Research where competition has gap in the market.  If you want a template to follow get the toolkit. 

How to Find Online Niche & Target Customer

What is in the toolkit? $14.99

The Guide will lead you to mind map sixteen concepts that can be options for an online business. There will come only four to choose for research. Answer the research questions to determine the potential of each of the four concepts.  Narrow down to one that shows the potential for best results. 

From there the questions will reveal:

  • Who is your target audience? 
  • Where to find your audience? 
  • How to get attention to your business quickly?  Write out the description of your target customer called a persona.

You can survey your target audience to find out what they need, want or to discover what would save them time.  They will tell you what they need and you sell that to them.  Follow the guide that will lead you through the process.

3.) What type of product to create to offer on blog

  • 12 types of products to create to sell

There is a list of 12 types of offers that you can create.  Choose what type of website you want to create with the plugins links to create this type of site for your blog.  Click here to select options: How to make money online?  If you want affiliate offers it is in types of sites section.

  • How to validate the products for target audience?

Follow the toolkit to validate your offers to sell prior to creation to eliminate waste of time.  See if your target audience wants the offer prior to creation. 

How to validate offers

  • How to sell online?

There are ways to sell online and to market your offers.  Company Marketing Statement Marketing is setting up a system that creates traffic to a funnel that captures emails for leads.  Those leads go through a email campaign funnel of automation that leads to links with offers after every third email that was education them concerning one offer. If you want email campaign it is in the after you create site section.

Selling is requiring an approach that uses psychology and triggers to get a response to an offer from a page, mailing, call or other.  Here is a list of psychological phrases to use.  

  • How to create product strategy plan? 

You will then write out your profit plan and products that you will link to your millionaire math chart.   Write out your action steps to reach the goals. $14.99

 Online product strategy workbook

  • How to create goals for blog?

There are short & long term charts.  Write out your goals, breakdown the goals from end to beginning through tasks to reach the goals.  

Short & Long Term Goals


(How To Start Blog That Makes Money 2020)

4.) Create Your Bluehost Webhosting Account

Follow the pictures below.  The first thing to do is to click this link for a special price and start your Bluehost webhosting account.  You will be opened up into a new tab.  Click back to this tab to follow the tutorial to setup your webhosting.  This button will take you to this page below!  Click, “Get started now”.  

Blue host 1

5.) Select Bluehost Plan

You will need to select a plan for your Webhosting.  There is the basic, plus and choice plus plans.  I recommend that you start with the cheapest plan to start your first website.  You can always go to another plan later for another website.  If you want another website then upgrade to the next plan for unlimited domains.  You get unlimited bandwidth with storage.

6.) Choose Bluehost Domain Name

You will need to select a FREE new domain.  You should choose a .com over .net or .org.  These will rank better in the search engines.  Sometimes finding domain names that are available is time consuming.  Whatever name that you want that is not available. 

You should try using synonyms and end it with blog, site or headquarters.  Just think of phrases until it shows available.  When one is available, then you will see the congratulations the domain name that you selected is available as shown on the next picture.  

Blue hsot 2

7.) Bluehost account information

You will need to fill in the blanks below with the options for your length for plan.  You can uncheck every one of the boxes before you click the next button.  This will save you money for things that are not necessary.

blue host 3

 8.) Bluehost payment

Fill in the credit card and check terms.   Click Submit.

blue host 2

9.) Check  for Webhost email

Check your email to get your confirmation email with username and password to log in.  If one is provided right there, then you may see a screen that says congratulations to create a username and password.  Login to your Bluehost account for the next steps to setup WordPress. 

blue host 4

10.) Mojo Marketplace (Word Press)

Go to Mojo Marketplace section in Bluehost webhosting account.  Click on one click installs.  Notice the ones in the example. 

bluehost 5

11.) Click WordPress

Click on Word Press. It will look like this in the picture.  It will be a later version.

bluehost 6

12.) Click WordPress install

Click install.  It will look like this in the picture.  The version will be later.


13.) WordPress Domain Name

Select the domain name that you want to install to WordPress.  Click the domain name.  Click the button.

bluehost 1

You will need to fill in the email, username and password.  Check box after you read terms.  Click button below.  You will see a progress bar show up, and then a complete.  You sometimes are provided with the username and password upon completion.


Next they will tell you to pick a theme.  Pick anyone, because we will change it later.  You may be taken to a WordPress button that says start building.  You should be taken to Your WordPress Website.  If not, you will need to go to email to get your username and password. 

Go to your  WordPress box will show on screen to log in.

 14.) Choose type of blog 

There are three types of blogs to choose:  Affiliate, e-commerce or membership site.  There are a list of affiliates to choose for the offers from other creators.  You can promote others offers through affiliate promotion.  You get a tracking cookie that tracks that someone came from your site for the offer to get a commission.   Types of websites 

15.) Choose a WordPress theme



Do you want to design your website?  Pick a theme.  Log in to your WordPress dashboard:

 Scroll down to appearance.  Click on theme when it pops out.  You should see themes and a add new button.

Theme for wordpress

You will click, “add new”.  You will see themes on this page to choose.

theme for wordpress 2

Select a theme from the list or upload a theme by clicking the upload theme for one on your computer that is saved in downloads.

theme for wordpress 3

The theme on the left is what you will see if you already installed.  The one on the right, you will click to select the theme.

Theme for wordpress1

Click the blue button on the top left hand side: install.  You will see a page with the button activate.

theme for wordpress0

Click: activate.  You will see a button to customize.

theme for wp1

Click: customize.

worpdpress theme

Go down the list of scroll downs on the left to customize your website.  Put in your website title, slogan and logo.  Pick the color for your website.  Click save at the top.

16.) Set up plugins

wp plugin install

Do you want a walk through?  Scroll down your word press dashboard to plugins.  Click add new.


Type in the search box on the top right side: wp super cache.  Click enter.


Click install now.


Click activate.


This is what it should say.


Go to settings for this one.  Others will be in different places.  Click wp super cache.


Settings: You want caching on.  Update status.


List of plugins

The first thing that I do is upload my tools. Tip: The reason why I do this step first is that sometimes themes may not be compatible with certain tool and it can cause problems with the website like errors. You want to ensure compatibility and then concentrate on content. You will need the SEO tool for your posts and pages.  Here are the set ups to complete before you write anything:

  • Yoast SEO– You will need to set up your posts and pages under where you type your content. You will need to fill in the title, keyword and meta description.  This Word Press S.E.O. plugin will enhance your blog in the search engine to be found.
  • W3 Total Cache– You will need to clear your cache from time to time or your website can perform slower. You should configure this tool. Watch a tutorial on this tool. There are features that you should learn.
  • Contact 7 form- You will need a form for people on your contact page.
  • Blubrry Powerpress- This tool will provide you with a place to upload your podcast to on the bottom of your posts where you type in content.
  • Tube press- Put a video gallery on your website of your YouTube or vimeo videos.
  • Smart slider 3- This will allow you to put slides on your website without any way for people to leave your website when the slide is finished
  • Askimet- This Word Press plugin blocks span from getting to your blog.
  • Broken link checker- This Word Press plugin finds broken links on your blog. 

17.) Permalinks

You need to scroll down to settings and click on permalinks.  You will come to permalinks settings page.


Click on post name. You will see a box behind your website domain name: If you do not see this: /%postname%/. You need to put this there.


Click save changes.

18.) Tips for Pages

What should each page contain?  The page should contain a title with your keyword.  You should place the title at the top of the content as a <h1> header. 

You should put a picture that takes up the top of the content.  The first paragraph of the article should contain the keyword.  You should bold or underline the keywords that relate to the topic beside the one that you use in the title. 

Place the keyword in the ending paragraph.  You should place links from your website any place that you can in that content.  Place a video, graphic or slide when possible in content. 

These are the new standards to get traffic and page rank to your content.  Watch your grammar and your spelling or you will not rank well.  The content should be consistent with your niche topic.  Google ranks articles that are 2,000 words minimum.  The timeframe is 6 to 8 months for Google to rank the website. 

19.) Create your Pages 

Place your logo and Slogan on the front page.  Place a sign up form on the top of the page with a free offer for sign up.  Place what your website does for your target audience. 

Your front page can be a static page or you can let your posts show up on the front page under customizer.  You can go to settings and click reading to set the home page as well.  Be creative.

The first pages that should be created:  

  • Home Page (Loading Page of your website)
  • About (You and the Company)
  • Contact Page (How do people contact you or the company)
  • Start here or Get Started Page (One popular page that shows results)
  • E-commerce website: Service, Product or Resource Page

Your website should express what it is about and what it does for visitors.  The average person leaves a website within 30 seconds unless you get their attention.

Every website must communicate three messages to visitors.  The three messages are:

  • Why does this business exist?  What problems does this business solve?
  • What products are for sale?  What benefits do the products provide to the target audience?
  • What separates you from the competitors?  

(How To Start Blog That Makes Money 2020)

20.) After set up blog

Content creation system

How to write content & post plan?  Write out the content for your website that is customer focused to capture leads.  

 Post Content system

Post strategy for traffic

Email list system

How to create email list, landing pages for offers and autoresponder to email.  Set up your funnel system to capture leads and your campaign emails to convert those leads to customers.  How to create an offer to capture email?  How To Write a Book 

Learn how to sell your products, cross sell and upsell your target audience. You will learn what four systems need to be set up to create a website that produces passive income.  Passive income is cash flow from products on autopilot that do not require your real time presence. You create or setup an offer once with all the processes on autopilot that pay you over and over again.  


WordPress Plugins & Tools

How to get traffic to website

Free Traffic To Website

How to create a podcast 

Start Podcast Step By Step Tutorial

Tips for new blogs

1.) Don’t add a blog or social counter to your website. People will know that your blog is a new blog.

2.) Write great content, place lists, pictures, links and charts in your posts.

3.) When you write your posts use links from other posts of your in your posts. You want people to stay on your website. You need to create the next place for them to go on your blog.

4.) When people come to your blog, they need to be able to see what your blog is about within 30 seconds. 

5.) Write a group of posts that will be considered your credibility posts.  These posts should be very detailed to show that you know the topic that you are blogging about on your blog.  These posts will be the posts that provide your credibility.  Map out your first twenty posts.  The articles need to be 1200 at the least and 4,000 words at the most for traffic in the future.   

The first five posts should be your credibility posts.  The next ten posts should be written in a way that you can combine them together to create an eBook.  The eBook will be used as a download for subscribing to your website.

6.) Google Analytics

You need to set up your analytics, web master tools and sitemaps. You need to sign up for Google analytics. You need to add a website property. You will need to find the tracking code. Follow the steps below.

How to Find tracking ID or code snippet in Google analytics

You need this code to track the analytics in your website. Follow these steps:

  • Sign in to Google Analytics account
  • Click Admin tab
  • Click the account: The drop down menu will show the property.
  • Click the property (Website that you want tracking)
  • Under property, click tracking information-tracking code
  • You need to set up your webmaster tools and sitemaps

You need to set up your categories under posts there will be a scroll out for categories.  The Yoast SEO plugin under settings will show created sitemaps for your pages, posts, categories and feeds.  You can go to Yoast SEO to get your security keys to set up Bing, yahoo and Google webmaster tools.  You will need to create accounts to receive security keys for each search engine to paste them in to Yoast.  You need to get your sitemaps in Yoast settings: copy and paste each one into Google, Bing and yahoo. 

How do you create loyalty?

The average person has an attention span of 8 seconds unless you capture their attention. The average person will leave a website within 30 seconds unless you know how you can serve them.  You website should tell visitors:

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • What you can do for them  

When you know your target audience, then you can create content that they want to know. How do you find out what kind of content?  Do your research. 

First phase of research

Example: Let’s say that you want to teach people about photography.  Who is my target audience?  There has been research done yearly on topics.  Google search: 

“What age group are photographers?”

“What are the gender percentages?”

“What interest’s photographers?”

“What schools do they go to that teaches them about photography?”

“Do they need to get a permit to photograph in public in your state?”

How can I find out what kind of problems that photographers experience? What books are popular in amazon on photography?  Read the reviews that are ones!  That is right, the ones.  Get out a pen and paper.  Write down what they say that is negative.  The negative tells you what they want that they did not get answered. 

Go to forums that ask questions on photography. What kind of questions are they asking?  Problems!  What magazines talk about photography?  What are the articles about?  Remember you are supposed to be writing this down.  Where do they spend their time online? 

Where do they get their industry news? Where would they go to learn photography?  Discover what the problems and their fears.  Figure out some solutions.  Call up photographers to ask them questions.  Ask them what takes up their time?  What would you like to see someone create to eliminate waste of time?  Would you buy it?  What would you pay for it?  Get the picture!      

Second Phase

Write the content that will create value to this audience. Write flag ship articles like:  How to, lists and basics.  The next thing that you want to do is measure what your audience is reading on your website.  Google analytics tells you what page brought people to your website.  What pages that they went to and where they left. 

This will tell you what they are reading. There is a tool called, “clicky”.  Visual of what they look at on your website.  Place your subscribe boxes on those visual spots.  Create your offer for people to sign up with a gift of value.  These are the steps to start to create value.

Where do you go from here? The visitors to your website are paying you with their time at this point.  You must continue to create value to cause them to return to pay you with time again.  You start to become a source for credible content. 

The process of trust is developed from this point. The visitor knows that your products will create enough value to justify your price to solve their problem.  You deliver that value and they will become a repeat customer.  You sell them again, and then you create loyalty.  Don’t betray that trust.   

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