How to start up a e-commerce website with WordPress

How to start up a e-commerce website with WordPress

How to setup an e-commerce website with WordPress?

There is three steps:

  1. Sign up for hosting and pick name for we e-commerce website and install WordPress. Follow How To Create Website From Scratch
  2. Install plug-ins woocommerce to put inventory on WordPress.
  3. Sign up for PayPal. This is secure. Stripe will let you process. Pay for SSL. Certificate.

What is e-commerce?

E-commerce is the sale of goods and services through electronic processing of sales software.

What are the three ways to create an e-commerce company?

E-commerce platforms

There are a couple of platforms that sells goods and services that are a up front monthly fee to sell your products for profit.  There are some that offer analytics to measure your sales, traffic, conversion and taxes.

These options are controlled by the platform company. You have no control over your company if you use this route.  It is profitable for some people. These are shopify, etsy or others.

Free hosting platforms

There are free hosting platforms for hosting or low cost options. Wix is a popular platform that people use. You do not own a domain name. This is not in your control. It will not be a customized as a WordPress.

Paid hosting that you control

This is the only option that you take control of your company as a startup. You sign up for hosting. You own the .com name. You install WordPress using plug-ins that are free to create any function for the e-commerce company.

How much does it cost to startup an e-commerce company?

The cost of hosting, inventory and time to create content with pictures for offers. This will vary on what you sell. You can setup e-commerce on WordPress for 3.00 month. You can start with low amount of inventory of 250.00 and offer other print on order shirts through teespring with no cost. Teespring ship from there. You get portion of profit. You can start an e-commerce company for less than 300.00. You can start with 100.00 at garage sales and sell for profit.

Where to get inventory for e-commerce company?

I could list places. You figure out what you want to sell. Search wholesale with that offer in search. Look for low price with plenty of it for low price. Research what others are selling it for online.

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