How To Validate Product

How To Validate Product

Here are list of question you can go through to better understand your customers. Validate, create and tell your target audience to sell them!

How To Validate Product

You must develop your own product or use an affiliate product.  There are three elements to product creation:

  1. What are the problems of people or companies?
  2. Asking the right questions for ways to solve?
  3. Tell your target audience what you can do for them?

What can you do?  The product must solve a problem that saves people time, labor or cash.  Look for efficiency, ease of use or automation to eliminate labor.  Validate the process below and close a gap in the market that already exists.  If the product is a content product, then create a written version, audio version and video version.  The creation of the product is the easy part.  Selling it is the difficult part.   What are your options?

Validate, create and tell your target audience to sell them!


Here are list of question you can go through to better understand your customers.

Understanding the Target Audience

What do you do professionally?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Tell me about your role at [company]?___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

How much time do you spend on [process you’re improving]?___________________________________________________________________________________

What’s the hardest part of your day?_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What are some unmet needs you have?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What product do you wish you had that doesn’t exist yet?________________________________________________________________________________________

What tasks or problems take up the most time in your day?______________________________________________________________________________________

If you had a solution to this problem, what would it mean to you/how would it affect you?_______________________________________________________

Questions to assess the Current Behavior

How do you solve this problem currently?_________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What products do you use?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What problems do you face while using these products?___________________________________________________________________________________________

Any hacks you employ to solve this problem?______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Question to assess the viability of the product

Will you be interested in such a product?_________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Will you be willing to pay for such a product?_____________________________________________________________________________________________________

What other associated problems do you think this product can solve?____________________________________________________________________________

Non product-specific answers you need:

Are you the decision maker?______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Do you have budget?______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Who also is involved in decision making?_________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Is this deal subject to other departments’ approval processes?___________________________________________________________________________________

Are there compliance issues regarding this deal?_________________________________________________________________________________________________

Do you keep a list of approved resellers/systems integrators?____________________________________________________________________________________

Are there departments who might disapprove of a deal (are you adversely affecting another department’s budget)?____________________________

All things considered, what is the length of the approval process?________________________________________________________________________________

What other user groups/departments will benefit from a deal?___________________________________________________________________________________

Will you sign a contract whereby you purchase upon a successful pilot?__________________________________________________________________________

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