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According to the DOL (Department of Labor) estimates, 3 out of 4 benefit plans they audit have an ERISA Violation. About 70% of audits with violations result in monetary fines to the employer. – Source: DOL

The CBO (Congressional Budget Office) projects: The IRS will collect $130 Billion in penalties from employers to fund the ACA (Affordable Care Act) over the next decade.” – Source: CBO

Since 2014, the DOL has Hired over 15,000 new investigators specifically to audit businesses’ health plans for ACA. DOL announced they will be auditing All employers by 2018. – Source: DOL

In 2015, EBSA (DOL’s Enforcement) collected over $696,300,000 in fines and penalties from businesses for ERISA non-compliance. 67.2% fined (1640 fined out of 2441 cases); 89 sued (EBSA filed civil suits); 61 indictments (out of 275 criminal charges filed).

EBSA (Employee Benefit Securities Administration) Penalties, Indictments and Fines Collected from 2011 to 2015 – Source: CBO


73% of recruiters said that to compete against other employers they highlight company culture. – Source: Jobvite

Top reasons employers are using social media to recruit: 82%- reaching passive candidates; 77% – increasing employer brand & recognition; 71% – targeting job candidates with specific skill sets. – Source: SHRM

Top reasons employers do NOT use social media to recruit: 46% concerns about legal risks; 46% not enough HR staff time; 21% questions about the authenticity of the information. – Source: SHRM

2015 Top 3 Most Recruited on Platform for Employers – 93% Linked In; 66% Facebook; 53%Twitter. Source: SHRM

Percentage of organizations using social media recruiting: 56% in 2011; 77% in 2013; 84% in 2016. Source – SHRM


Cyber-security Risk for Employers: Despite Risks, 1 in 5 employees *Keep passwords in plain sight; *Accessed work files from a device that was password-protected; *Lost devices that weren’t password-protected. – Source: Softchoice


Overtime Changes will affect 7.4 Million Businesses & Non-Profits. DOL Estimates: $597.7 Million – cost for employers to comply; $1.48 Billion – Net transfer from employer to workers. – Source: DOL