List Of HR Forms


Vacation and Time Off Form

Payroll Tracking and Change Form

Payroll Deduction Tracking Form & Authorization

IT Request Form

Tuition Assistance Reimbursement Form

Time Sheet for Non-Exempt Hourly Employees

Sexual Harassment Complaint Form

Employee Discipline Form

Hiring Forms

Form I-9 (Use this expired version until further notice from the USCIS)

2020 Form W-4

Direct Deposit Authorization Form

New Hire Information & Emergency Contact Form

DMV Background Check Authorization

Applicant Self ID Form EEO Race/Ethnicity/Veteran Status (Pre-hire/Pre-offer)

Employee Self ID Form EEO Race/Ethnicity/Veteran Status (Post-offer/Post-hire)

Separation Forms

Severance Release Agreement

Voluntary Separation Letter

Involuntary Separation Letter

Exit Survey

Model COBRA Continuation Form (Government Form) (MS Word)


OSHA Forms 300, 300A & 301


EEO-1 Reporting Survey – Online Filing System

State New Hire Reporting – State Specific Option

ACA Forms

ACA IRS Reporting Form – 1094-B (Transmittal of Health Coverage Information Returns)

ACA IRS Reporting Form – 1095-B (Health Coverage

ACA IRS Reporting Form – 1094-C (Transmittal of Employer Provided Health Insurance Offer & Coverage Information Returns)

ACA IRS Reporting Form – 1095-C (Employer Provided Health Insurance Offer & Coverage)


Wellness Program Notice Template from the EEOC

Get these for your company

Handbook & Job Descriptions

Sample Job Analysis

Sample Job Description

Handbook Outline

Sample Handbook Introduction

Sample Handbook Acknowledgment

Sample Handbook Communications

ACA & General Compliance

ACA Audits

ACA Checklists

ACA Required Forms

Health Plan Questionnaire and Audit Form to Prepare for DOL Audits

Compliance Audit Questionnaires

Guidance on Non-Profit Audits with Questionnaire

Benefit Self-Audit: DOL Health Plan Audit


2 worksheets to track recruiting efforts for upper management

Personnel Requisition

Intake Forms

Internal Transfer Forms

Applicant Tracking Forms

Interview Forms

Personal Reference Form

Reference Authorization Form

Reference Check Form

4 Sample Offer Letters for Internships, Transfers, Exempt and Non-Exempt Employees


Sample New Hire Checklist

New Hire Binder/Packet Outline

Sample File Structure

Sample Onboarding Communications

Orientation Acknowledgment


2 Sample Leave Request Forms

Sample Job Information Sheet

Notice of Eligibility & Rights

Sample Notice Letter

DOL Rights & Responsibilities

Health Provider Certification

2 Designation Notices

Sample Designation Letter

Sample Combined Notice & Eligibility Letter

FMLA Checklist

Deduction Payback Form

Internal Notification Report

PTO Deduction Worksheet

Sample Non-FMLA Letter

Sample Family Member Letter

Used Hour Tracker Tool