Compliance & Audit Toolkit



Compliance & Audit Toolkit

Compliance & Audit Toolkit: Both For Profit Employers & Non-Profit Employers: avoid penalties up to 50% of your revenue or up to 3 million dollars. 75% to 90% of employers are not compliant, and the DOL said that they know you are not compliant. In an ever changing regulatory environment, who has the time to keep up with running a company and being able to follow all of the regulations which can often change quarterly. Firms will not walk into your company without a retainer for thousands of dollars to complete compliance audits. Good news is that our Professional Certified HR Experts created the compliance tool kit with all of the bells and whistles that you need in an easy to follow tool kit. Just follow the schedules with the right forms to file and the directions to fill the forms out correctly in order to close those gaps. You will become an expert by doing it yourself at a fraction of the cost of a firm or a certified expert in house HR audit which cost thousands of dollars. Get the do-it-yourself tool kit below!

Compliance can be a scary topic to tackle with ever changing regulations, increased penalties, a rise in court cases and constant governmental updates. Most businesses think that they are compliant, but when audited they often find gaps in compliance. Finding those gaps through a self audit can help your organization to avoid hefty penalties, fines and possible criminal charges. Our HR Compliance Audit systematically compares your current HR practices against legal requirements. The output of the audit is a list of gaps between what is required and what is currently being done. This tool will help you to build better processes and annual schedules so that your business is safe and compliant.  Compliance & Audit Toolkit

The Compliance & Audit Toolkit contains:

  • Guidance on Compliance Audits
  • Compliance Audit Questionnaires
  • Guidance on Non-Profit Audits with Questionnaire
  • Record Retention Requirements
  • Compliance Posting Requirements
  • Federal Reporting Requirements
  • Compliance Calendar
  • Federal Labor Laws and Penalties
  • Required Notices of Benefit Plans
  • Benefit Self-Audit: DOL Health Plan Audit
  • IRS Retirement Plan Reporting and Disclosure Requirements


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