FMLA Process and Toolkit



FMLA Process and Toolkit

FMLA Process and Toolkit: Employers with 50 employees need to close the gaps to any grey areas in your FMLA procedures. Your company will be liable for back wages, benefits and attorneys fees without cap. Protect your company with the proper procedure and processes to close gaps in your company with this FMLA Process and Tool Kit. Get the tools you need, created by HR professional certified experts to protect your company from penalties.

Product Description:

This All-Inclusive Toolkit contains helpful information and processes needed to ensure compliance and structure when administering FMLA within your organization. You will not only receive a tried and true FMLA process, but also 18 resources that will make your job much easier. The FMLA Toolkit also contains helpful administrative sample forms and spreadsheets. These helpful tools will save you tons of time, while keeping you very organized!
Included: FMLA Process, Rolling Year and Supervisor Training; 2 Sample Leave Request Forms; Sample Job Information Sheet; Notice of Eligibility & Rights; Sample Notice Letter; DOL Rights & Responsibilities; Health Provider Certification; 2 Designation Notices; Sample Designation Letter; Sample Combined Notice & Eligibility Letter; FMLA Checklist; Deduction Payback Form; Internal Notification Report; PTO Deduction Worksheet; Sample Non-FMLA Letter; Sample Family Member Letter; Used Hour Tracker Tool.


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