Job Descriptions Toolkit



Job Descriptions Toolkit


Job Descriptions Toolkit: Employers need to be careful when it comes to creating job descriptions from templates online. Companies with vague job descriptions get sued for grey areas not properly defined in job descriptions costing hundreds of thousands of dollars in some cases. Get our do it yourself tool kit that will eliminate those grey areas in your job descriptions.

Product Description:

Developing job descriptions is an area that many employers do not look forward to tackling. Initially, some employers may be overwhelmed by what they perceive to be a lengthy and complicated process. No worries, with these constructive tools such as job analysis, sample job descriptions, and other resources from Startup Raw, employers now have a way to stay informed and obtain valuable information about their organization’s workforce.

This toolkit contains valuable and extensive information needed to produce quality job descriptions without taking too much time away from your normal workload. This all-inclusive toolkit will ensure that you learn how to conduct a job analysis; know what to include in your descriptions; learn about compliance and disclaimers; create job banks; and know what to avoid when building job descriptions. This toolkit also includes extra resources such as: Competencies and KSAs; ADA Accommodations; FLSA Fact Sheet; Sample Job Analysis; Sample Job Description.  Job Descriptions Toolkit


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