Onboarding Toolkit For Managers



Onboarding Toolkit For Managers

Onboarding Toolkit For Managers: Employers must create a solid onboarding program for their company. 90% of employees decide within the first 6 months if they are going to stay at a company.  Good onboarding programs boosted employees retention percentages by 50%. (Studies by the American Management Association show that “the cost of turnover for a single employee can range between 25% and 250% of annual salary, depending on their level.”)  

Employees were engaged & productive, increasing profits for companies.  In fact New Hire Productivity increased by 54 Percent! SHRM Foundation states this statistic: “New employees who attended a well-structured onboarding orientation program, were 69% more likely to remain at a company up to three years.  Losing an employee due to their experiences of being confused, feeling alienated, or lacking confidence is a sign of poor (or no) onboard programming.”

This tool kit was created by HR professional certified experts with the latest and most advanced processes to boost your company’s talent to the level of a fortune 500 company’s talent. Today: 71% of businesses are updating or creating their Onboarding Programs because of these Results – Don’t Miss Your Opportunity to Remain Competitive!

Product Description: Onboarding Toolkit For Managers

Companies that want to keep quality hires use this Onboarding Program.  The investment of searching for the perfect candidate, recruiting that candidate and hiring that candidate is costly for all companies…But, this investment can easily be wasted if the new hire does not remain with the company.  Turnover cost is one of those cost that can and must be lowered for all companies.

This proven Onboarding Program is key to keeping the talent that you have invested your time, attention and money.  When a new hire is brought on board, they should be just as excited to start the position as the day they accepted your offer for employment.  Your organization has a wonderful opportunity to make a great first impression with the new hire.

Whether you have a system in place (formal) or not (informal), everyone is onboarded into your company.  Ask yourself, how does our Onboarding Program measure up?  This toolkit will ensure that your onboarding process is top notch!  With these detailed tools, you will be able to set your organization apart from your competition, which will lead to better retention rates.  The Onboarding Toolkit contains processes and procedures needed to ensure a smooth onboarding program.  Other resources also included are:

  1. Sample New Hire Checklist;
  2. New Hire Binder/Packet Outline;
  3. Sample File Structure;
  4. Sample Onboarding Communications;
  5. Orientation Acknowledgment;
  6. New Hire Payroll Form;
  7. Payroll Deduction Form;
  8. Direct Deposit Form;
  9. New Hire Information
  10. Emergency Contact Form;
  11. IT Request Form

Onboarding Toolkit For Managers


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