Recruiting Toolkit



Recruiting Toolkit


Recruiting Toolkit: Employers spend thousands of dollars a year in wasted hiring, training and finding employees. Studies by the American Management Association show that “the cost of turnover for a single employee can range between 25 percent and 250 percent of annual salary, depending on their level.” When you add all of the losses per year, companies are losing tens of thousands of dollars. The good news is that our HR professional certified experts created a tool kit to attract the best talent for your company. Quality employees make companies better revenue and stay on board longer creating profit and eliminating costs of replacement. Get the best talent for your company now.

If you recruit 1 employee or 200 employees a year, every employer needs to have access to these tools. These proven processes and tools provide key components that are vital to a successful Recruiting Program. Without these tools, your Recruiting Program can overlook requirements and essential steps; resulting in loss of quality applicants, legal missteps, wasted staff time, loss of business branding, and more. Talent Management and Strategic Planning are necessary for HR to be successful when Recruiting. The fluid process of keeping track of organizational needs and human capital is imperative in order for HR to be ahead of the game. This toolkit will provided valuable information in regards to Recruiting policies and procedures, interview question advice, job postings, internal transfers, requisitions, advertisement, interview process, pre employment screening, job offer…all the way to hire date of the new employee. Use Recruiting to brand your business the right way, the first time! Get these tools today!

15 tools are also included in your toolkit: 2 worksheets to track recruiting efforts for upper management; Personnel Requisition and Intake Forms; Internal Transfer and Applicant Tracking Forms; Interview Forms; Hiring Manager Grid of Interview Do’s and Don’ts; Personal Reference Form; Reference Authorization Form; Reference Check Form; 4 Sample Offer Letters for Internships, Transfers, Exempt and Non-Exempt Employees. Having these forms and samples will save your HR tons of time and energy. They are great assets to anyone who is Recruiting.  Recruiting Toolkit


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