Speculate on Cryptocurrency 2022

Speculate on Cryptocurrency 2022

Speculate on Cryptocurrency is risky with volatility of 10% or more daily. Since it is early in the stage of mass adoption cryptocurrency is a good long term investment  for early adoption. The market capitalization is 2 trillion comparison to stock at over 100 trillion. You should not invest what you cannot afford to lose. It is still an early technology with lots of advancements weekly. Safety is with the long term tokens that are proven utility with community. Management is trustworthy. 

I want to talk today about price predictions and cryptocurrency.  It’s very important to understand that anyone that comes up with a price prediction for any cryptocurrency is a speculation.  If you have a company for instance you have things you can look to in order to gauge a price for a specific asset.  You gauge the price based off of the amount of revenue that the business has coming in on annual basis.  You can look at the assets, the debt and can look at the increase in earnings year after year.

A prediction for a specific price factor based on those averages of growth year after year, based on the management of the company, based on those kinds of numbers that are actuals that you can look to and how much assets do they own.  What kind of yield do they offer?  So all of these things play factors into coming up with actual valuation for company and knowing what a good stock market valuation is for share.  When it’s overvalued or when it’s undervalued.

When we’re looking at cryptocurrency.  Cryptocurrency has nothing that it is backed by at this particular in time right now.  Whenever it is tied to economies, it’s tied to GDP or tied to things like that in the future.  Coming up with an evaluation of what a specific projection will be for specific cryptocurrency will come in the future when tie with value.  Anyone who comes up with a projection for for cryptocurrency right now is just mainly speculating.

If you’re listening to anybody who speculates on pricing on specific coins, you probably should stop listening to those people.  Those are the kinds of people that have gotten hundreds of people in trouble and a lot of people I know over a hundred people that I know got slammed on the fall.  I say these things because they have an effect on people’s lives.

I don’t want to hear about your negativity and your comments, because this is destroying people’s lives by getting them hooked on a speculation and not hooked on a specific technology.  Looking at what the long-term benefits are of specific cryptocurrency and how it’s going to bring value to the market that is more of the realm in which the kinds of things we should be talking about cryptocurrency.  What’s a scam?  What’s not a scam?  What’s good tech?  What’s not good tech?  What’s going to bring value to society?  What’s not going to bring value to society?

The markets decide what something’s going to be worth and then we could look at what valuations will be based off of what market says.  Like real estate for instance we know real estate values fluctuate and they fluctuate based on what the market sets pricing at based on what they purchased the real estate for in a given town in the specific county or parish or wherever that real estate is purchased.  If this is something that rubs speculators the wrong way they are somebody who’s uneducated giving price valuations and have no basis for giving price valuations.

There’s nothing to base value off of pure speculation anyone who gives any valuations on coins it shows how naïve they are that’s just the bottom line they’re naïve.  They don’t understand things they lack experience and they need more life experience.  So is there value in cryptocurrency?  Absolutely there’s value in cryptocurrency.  Is there value in certain ones and not certain ones?  Absolutely.

Again there’s not value on some and there’s value in others.  People have favorites, people don’t have favorites and that’s fine everybody can have preferences.  There’s nothing wrong with having a preference.  What there is something wrong with though is with pushing somebody psychology in a certain way to where they go put money into something and then they lose money, because someone that they listened to was telling them a speculative price and it never reached that price.  They lose money, so if you want to have an effect on your own money have an effect on your own money and keep your valuation to yourself.  Valuations people hear and then they go get hammered.  Use some common sense.

Speculate on Cryptocurrency shows no experience

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