Stagflation affects saving currency

Stagflation affects saving currency

Stagflation affects saving currency 

We’re going to be talking about what stagflation is today. Stagflation is a measurement of purchasing power against whatever currency that economy is tied to so stagflation just means that there’s not really a loss in value of currency or really gain a value of a currency that it’s kind of remaining steady. There’s no real growth which means assets are not going up in value and savings are going lower as a result of losing value from inflation. If you want an example of stagflation we can look at Japan from 1980 till today. They have not grown
their infrastructure their home values remain the same, their food costs have remained the same and they had very small amount of growth so that’s the results of stagflation. That’s pretty much what stagflation is and there’s not really a hedge against taxation. There is just you can just save money and just accumulate but it’s not gonna really have any paper assets or anything tied to currency that’s really going to increase in value. You’re not really gonna lose that much purchasing power and your currency as a result of stagflation. I hope that’s been insightful for you.

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