Startup Entrepreneurship

Startup Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship keeps the economy working through innovation, intuition or technology. 88% of employers startup from immigrants. Small startups that stay open employ 80% of employees.

How to learn financial literacy?

Statistics: 68% of people do not have $400 in savings.  88% of businesses in America are started by immigrants.  The way to financial freedom is with streams of income.  The possibility of financial freedom by trading hours for Dollars is limited.


People are stuck at a wage and there are 24 hours.  We need sleep.  Therefore, one income from a job alone is limited. 

We work to live not live to work.  It was said, I would take 1% of one hundred peoples labor instead of 100% of my own.  This is important because freedom comes through incomes plural not one income alone.

The key is to not spend more when you make more.  Statistics show that 99% of people that grow up poor stay poor and 99% that grow up wealthy continue to create wealth.  The poor never cross over that gap. 

What is the point? 

We cannot keep doing the same financial things over and over and expect our financial life to change.  You cannot save your way to wealth over 40 years with inflation through saving one income in a 401k.  The purchasing power of that Dollar in 40 years loses 90% of its value. 

This is the reason that we must learn financial education. Here are 4 concepts with skills to learn entrepreneurship:

1.) Entrepreneurs control money

these are the steps to create a plan to automate your savings or investment.

2.) Entrepreneurs startup with no money

Start an online company for $50 year? The hosting is the cost of startup. WordPress is a content management system. No coding is needed to create site. WordPress is type content, upload image and click publish to post content. You can run your own website. It is really that easy.

What I need to start online company?

Tools of the trade:

  • Computer
  • Internet
  • Hosting

 The rest is sweat equity of time on the side to make money online. 

Why start an online company?

Workers are losing positions 17.9% annually to robots, software, freelancing or shift to online. Closing the economy will cause this to shift quick.

Why people will not start company?

Can you make money online?

How to start online company?

Success online is getting known through content. It usually takes 6 months to 2 years to make money online. It is the person that controls that time frame. Slacker or stacker of content. Most will not make it. They want the gratification of a paycheck each week. You are in control not a job, employer or manager when you operate your own company. Work the job until the company is enough to take care of expenses.

Why start a business now?

3.) How Entrepreneurs think







Operating A company  







4.) Entrepreneurs invest money


Real Estate


Silver, Gold, Oil, Mineral, Mining, Wine, Art, Farm, Intellectual, Company, Tax Or Etc.


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