Startup Wealth Journey

Start with a job first. Watch over your income while you create another stream of cash flow while you work. Follow the steps in this journey of 6 months to 2 years. Sorry there really are no quick schemes or secrets. Just hard work.

Wealth Creation Formula

Create your plan with the following tools to track your income. After that move to step two to start your own company. Follow the steps as you reach each accomplishment. Educate yourself: How To Learn Entrepreneurship

Step I.) Startup Taking Control Of Money

Forms To Keep Track Of Net Worth

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Step II) Startup An Online Company

Services To Startup A Website Company

Guides To Setup Hosting And Email Services

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Guides For Goals And Functionality Of WordPress

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Online product strategy workbook

Chapter I: Product Website Choice
Chapter II: Product Options Choice
Chapter III: Product Plan
Chapter IV: Product Plan Campaign
Chapter V: Subscribe Offer Plan
Chapter VI: Product Price Set
Chapter VII: Product Goals Chart
Chapter VIII: Write Your Goals 

Step III) Startup Human Resources For Employers

How To Hire Your First Employee

Start up Human Resources In Your Company when you hire your first employee the legal way.

Employee Handbook Toolkit

Employee Handbooks can be a valuable communication resource for the employer and the employee. This document offers employers the chance to share what the employer expects from and offers to their workforce. It provides guidance and information related to the company’s history, mission, values, policies, procedures and benefits in a written format. This toolkit contains information and resources created to ensure that you are able to build your organization’s Employee Handbook with ease. This specific step-by-step process will allow you to produce your handbook quickly and accurately; while the extra resources will provide valuable tools needed to properly create and effectively communicate your new handbook. Resources also included are a Handbook Outline, a Sample Introduction, Sample Acknowledgment and Sample Communications regarding your new Employee Handbook.

Job Description Toolkit

Job Descriptions Toolkit: Employers need to be careful when it comes to creating job descriptions from templates online. Companies with vague job descriptions get sued for grey areas not properly defined in job descriptions costing hundreds of thousands of dollars in some cases. Get our do it yourself tool kit that will eliminate those grey areas in your job descriptions.

Recruiting Toolkit

Recruiting Toolkit: Employers spend thousands of dollars a year in wasted hiring, training and finding employees. Studies by the American Management Association show that “the cost of turnover for a single employee can range between 25 percent and 250 percent of annual salary, depending on their level.” When you add all of the losses per year, companies are losing tens of thousands of dollars. The good news is that our HR professional certified experts created a tool kit to attract the best talent for your company. Quality employees make companies better revenue and stay on board longer creating profit and eliminating costs of replacement. Get the best talent for your company now.

Onboarding Toolkit For Managers

Onboarding Toolkit For Managers: Employers must create a solid onboarding program for their company. 90% of employees decide within the first 6 months if they are going to stay at a company.  Good onboarding programs boosted employees retention percentages by 50%. (Studies by the American Management Association show that “the cost of turnover for a single employee can range between 25% and 250% of annual salary, depending on their level.”)  

FMLA Toolkit

FMLA Process and Toolkit: Employers with 50 employees need to close the gaps to any grey areas in your FMLA procedures. Your company will be liable for back wages, benefits and attorneys fees without cap. Protect your company with the proper procedure and processes to close gaps in your company with this FMLA Process and Tool Kit. Get the tools you need, created by HR professional certified experts to protect your company from penalties.

Startup HR Compliance Stay Free Of Penalties

Employment laws by company size 1 to 100 employees

Employment laws by company size 1 to 100 employees: HR Information can become overwhelming when learning what applies to your company and what does not.  We have provided a breakdown of HR topics, laws and tools by Company Size. As your company becomes larger, you will add more sections below to your HR tools and knowledge.  The Compliance Laws For Companies By Employees Size list what companies need for compliance.

Compliance & Audit Toolkit

Compliance & Audit Toolkit: Both For Profit Employers & Non-Profit Employers: avoid penalties up to 50% of your revenue or up to 3 million dollars. 75% to 90% of employers are not compliant, and the DOL said that they know you are not compliant. In an ever changing regulatory environment, who has the time to keep up with running a company and being able to follow all of the regulations which can often change quarterly. Firms will not walk into your company without a retainer for thousands of dollars to complete compliance audits. Good news is that our Professional Certified HR Experts created the compliance tool kit with all of the bells and whistles that you need in an easy to follow tool kit. Just follow the schedules with the right forms to file and the directions to fill the forms out correctly in order to close those gaps. You will become an expert by doing it yourself at a fraction of the cost of a firm or a certified expert in house HR audit which cost thousands of dollars.

Step IV) Investing

Real Estate

Real estate pocket guide

Chapter I: How Much House Can You Purchase 3-4
Chapter II: Location Exit Strategy To Sell Property 5-6
Chapter III: Know Sellers Purchase Price And Profit 7-9
Chapter IV: Offer 10
Chapter V: Signed Agreement 11-12
Chapter VI: Sale 13
Chapter VII: First Time Home Buyers Tips 14
Chapter VIII: Tips For Looking For Home Inspectors 15-16
Chapter IX: Real Estate Rules For Flipping 17-23
Chapter X: Rental Investment Tips 24-25


How To Learn Entrepreneurship

Section I: Shift Of Mindset

Section II: Shift Of Mentality

Section III: Shift To Entrepreneur Competency