Types Of Energy Stock

Types Of Energy Stock

1 Coal

2. Oil

3. Natural gas

4. Uranium

This is for informational purposes only.  Research.  Consult professional for energy.  You can lose your cash.

1.) Coal

Coal as a energy source from around the late 1800’s.  It is critical to note that everything that we have in the Earth is a resource that was placed in the Earth.  God created the Earth in its fullness or maturity.  As He formed Adam and Eve as mature adults.  Coal was placed in the Earth as oil along with everything else.  The Genesis of the Earth is from 4004 B.C.

There are various types of coal that are used for multiple energy sources:

  • Lignite is for electricity generation.
  • Sub-bituminous is used in industrial sector.
  • Bituminous is thermal for heat generation or it is used in cement manufacturing. Metallurgical is for mix in iron or steel.
  • Anthracite is used in trains, furnaces or heating.

There are treaties to eliminate coal for 2050.  There is a growing number of countries that are using coal.  The US and China are increasing use right now.  It means that there is demand for coal in 2020.  The threat to coal is green energy.  Coal is still supply for steel and plants.  ETF’S as of March 23, 2020 with the low were -55% as the Vaneck Vector Coal ETF (KOL).

2.) Oil

Few things to know about oil.  One of my closest friends is a billionaire in oil.  Family in the business their whole life running offshore rigs.  There are grades of oil.  Light or tar thicker oil.  The light grade are West Texas Intermediate oil that is cheaper to go through processing.  You can get it to sell for cheaper.  The other grade of oil cost around $50 to go through the process.  Oil is not profitable until you reach past the $50 point here.  There are places that the cost is cheaper like Saudi Arabia or Russia.  If you are going to consider oil.  Research and consult professionals.  This is not advice only information.  You can lose all your cash.

  • There is the futures market where you place a speculation on the future price of oil.  You can either sell the contract or take the oil.  This is very risky.  The energy commodities sector is the volatility market.  There are swings in price.  You can lose a lot.

There is the ETF play for oil:

  • Regular ETF
  • Leverage ETF
  • Inverse leverage ETF

There are the oil stocks:

  • Oil companies that explore
  • Oil companies that process
  • Oil companies create tools

3.) Natural gas

Natural gas futures:

  • Natural gas ETF
  • Leverage ETF
  • Inverse leverage ETF

There are natural gas companies:

  • Natural gas companies

4.) Uranium

Uranium is profitable around $40.  This is when things go to production in these mines.  What are some ways to get profit:

  • Futures
  • Uranium ETF
  • Companies

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