Types Of Websites

Types Of Websites

WordPress website with plugins can create any kind of website that you want like:

1.) Affiliate

2.) Membership

3.) E-commerce

click on how to create a WordPress website from scratch. After you setup website through the link. Signup for affiliate links, install membership plugin or install e-commerce plugin.

1.) Affiliate

When You sign up as an affiliate marketer, you are recommended their products to your audience.  The products should be associated with your niche.  The affiliate will supply you a link with a tracking cookie that tells the affiliate that the person that bought from them came from your website.  

You receive a commission for the sale.  Affiliate marketing presents a great opportunity for income.  The benefits are that you do not have to store inventory, package it or ship it.

You receive a commission on each sale.  The typical pay out percentage is around 4% to 8%.  If you become an affiliate for a person’s product, then you could make up to 75% for the sales that track back to you.

Are you new to this?  The way it works is that you get a link that your audience can click on.  The link has a tracking cookie that tracks every person that clicks on the links and buys from it.
(Need To Sign Up For Referral Link With Tracking Cookies For Commissions)

The next kind of website is a member site.

2.) Membership

Membership websites restrict content for people to view as members.  Some people create specific newsletters or reports for people to view for payment.  There are courses, training or school for payment.  The academy would be focused on teaching people about a niche subject.  The academy can also teach people how to be effective using certain online tools.

  • Wish list
  • Word Press users there is a free plugin called S2member
  • Paid Membership Pro Plugin (You Will Need API From PayPal For Monthly Payments)

3.) E-Commerce

There are three ways to create this website:

  • There is a technique for E-Commerce to list items from another source that you can redirect the order to after the sale to send straight from them to your customer.  You would need to source vendor and find one that consistently carries the inventory that you offer.
  • Source wholesale products for resale for profit
  • Create your own products to sell

There may be a little bit of cost associated with this kind of business.  There will be:

  • Inventory costs
  • Holding costs
  • Packaging costs
  • Gas costs
  • Labor involved
  • Shipping cost

The website costs will be more than just having a regular website.  There will have to be a SSL on the website to protect the processing transactions.  It can be very profitable if it is done right.  The tools for WordPress to list your inventory:

Selling Tangible Products- Woo Commerce Plugin
Selling Digital Products- Easy Digital Downloads Plugin

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