Understanding The Economic System

Understanding The Economic System

There are two factors to ponder: The first is the difference between economy and ecology. The second is our transition from country based markets to world based markets known as macroeconomics. Another words the tying of all the markets together to set the stage to move to a one world government system. Understanding these differences will provide insights to you to create wealth.

Economics is based on scarcity and ecology is based on abundance. The currency determines what kind of economic system that a country has as a function. Before 1971, America was an economy based system, because the dollar was on the gold standard. Since 1971, the Dollar became the petrodollar.

Every country must exchange their currency to the Dollar to purchase oil creating a reserve currency. Beside the exchange came fractional reserve looting (banking). The bank could lend up to 9 Dollars to 1 Dollar. Not only did the Federal Reserve create fractional reserve lending, but the Federal Reserve System pushed for NAFTA and other fair trade agreements.

Free Trade Agreement Laws Rule Globally Now!

Here is the clever deliberate result of these agreements. You cannot trade from country to country with different laws, so the laws were changed. Here is what was done and how they were able to change the laws. Corporations are able to lobby government officials in our process in creative ways that result in benefits to officials.

These corporations set up foundations that are think tanks, which write the bills that our elected congress and senate vote to pass as Law. Here is what the free trade agreement laws are from this process: Uniform commercial code and maritime admiralty law.

One law has to do with the water and the other has to do with the land. The product of one country is shipped by vessel to the port of another country is under admiralty law until it reaches land. When the ship reaches land, then the products are subject to uniform commercial code.

America is ruled by these two laws covertly, not the constitution. Courts rule are not based on constitutional law, but case law. Macroeconomics is the results of these two laws merging each market and currency together. The results are that markets and currencies follow each other in ups and downs.

One system going down can bring every system down with it. Now you know why we bail other countries out in crisis. This is globalism. If Trans Pacific partnership passes, then complete control goes to corporations even over the web.


There are Central banking systems in every country except for a few. However, those are under U.C.C. and M.A.L. for trading. Fractional reserve lending means that the economy runs on debt. The only way to create cash is to create debt, so there is abundance.

We are an ecology system that runs on abundance, not economy running based on supply and demand. The person that funds creation can borrow for a couple of percent and get profitable returns from revenue generating companies. You can create cash out of thin air by providing value to someone in need that will pay you for your value.

The cash from them was printed from a loan from this debt based ecology that keeps lending to keep the wheel turning. Once the lending stops, then the system falls apart from collapse. Sometimes fraud can be abundant in this kind of system that causes a collapse like the housing derivatives in 2008. The real danger to this debt based fractional reserve system is that the Federal Reserve System will wind up owning everything eventually through a new world order.

You create value and there is cash for that value.

Open the PDF & Print: Financial Mindset Worksheet II. Complete The Worksheet.

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