Wealth creation formula

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Step 1: Removing Barriers

You cannot get somewhere with road blocks in your way. You need to either wait for the road block to be moved out the way or go another route in order to get to your destination.  Therefore, you should find ways to avoid being stopped or detoured by any road blocks during you journey. Here are some of those road blocks that can stop you from reaching your destination if you allow them to:

Minions– Anyone that tells you negative things about becoming financially free is a barrier to getting you to your goals/destination. Anyone that tells you that you cannot become financially free is a barrier.  Anyone that tells you money is bad is a barrier.  The “love of cash” is the root of evil, not “cash” itself.  

Mindsets– You need cash flow for something other than yourself.  What is your reason?  What are you going to fund?  Don’t think only enough for yourself.  That is small thinking.  Think big, Think of others that you can help, teach, guide, prepare, etc.  Think beyond yourself and for the needs in the world. 

An asset is not a home, car or boat.  An asset will provide cash flow to you. You are your greatest asset: your ability to create cash flow. You need to invest in your financial education.  If you don’t believe in yourself enough to invest, then you can’t expect anyone else to invest in you as well.  You can’t do for others until you can do for yourself. 


1.) It takes cash to make cash. No! Solve problems and here comes cash.

2.) What do you think cash grows on trees? That would take a long time.  No! They print it and it is abundant.

3.) I need to save and put in in slow long term growth for wealth. No! The markets grow as currency value shrinks since 1971.  You lose purchasing power and gain market value.

Work hard and you will create wealth. You can’t create wealth from exchanging your time for dollars.  You only have 24 hours.  It is like the tycoons said, “I will take 1% of 100 people’s efforts over 100% of my efforts.”

You must multiply yourself with employees, affiliates and people sharing to bring customers to you. You need to leverage your cash flow using good debt for assets to bring you more cash flow.  You can leverage up to 80% of your initial cash using debt for cash flowing assets.  You can control an asset worth $100,000 for $20,000.  The asset rises in value as the dollar drops in value as well.  This is a hedge against inflation.  You can collect rent on $100,000 for $20,000 in the deal.  You collect rent for $1,000 and other people pay down the debt for you.  This is one of many ways of using debt for cash flow.

Mentality– No excuses! Just Results! Excuse: I don’t have time!  We all have 24 hours to fit in work, kids, family, activities and responsibilities.  During your startup’s infancy, you must be 100% focused on the company’s growth and desired results.  The phrase “pay now, play later” is so true.  Think about what is taking time that you can never get back?  Remember, I practice this myself; this is why I have time.  No television (That is right! No shows, propaganda news, local sports teams), technology for personal use, please no video games and hanging out with friends.  Failure is not an option; patience and persistence will breakthrough any resistance to my desired end.  Start with the end in mind and work back to creating and executing the plan that best works for you.        

Step 2: You Need A Mentor

The system is your mentor. Success is 95% system and 5% people.  Do the plan daily.

Step 3: Stop Spending

If you do not need it, then do not spend your dollars on it. You need shelter and food.  You already have clothes, so you don’t need anymore.  Don’t go get a car, if you have one that runs.  Don’t spend in restaurants.  Stop vacationing every year.  Yes!  I followed and still follow these principles myself.  You can play later.

Step 4: You Need Income & Increase It

How do you get from 0 to 100, 100 to 200 & 200 to 400? You need income to start.  Then you need to increase that income by being promoted, selling more, learning more, applying yourself, keeping a good outlook and attitude, etc.  Take Action! For example, I started out as a waiter.  I could not make $100 from a shift if my attitude is that I am not going to make money tonight.  Instead I said that I am going to make money tonight by upselling beverages and desserts.

What is the plan?

How do you get from 0 to 100, 100 to 200 & 200 to 400? Let’s say that I am a waiter.  Attitude is everything.  Don’t go to serve people with the attitude that you will not reach your goal.  Determine how much you need.  I need $150 this shift.  Say to yourself, “I am going to make money tonight.”  What is my plan? I am going to be the server that stays until closing, because I am guaranteed more tables.

The more tables, the more tip potential.  I am going to push these items to increase my check balances by selling pricey entrees.  I will guide the order, not take the order.  I want more than 15%, so I will bring a couple of extra mints to the table.  Reciprocity causes people to want to do something in return.  We are looking for 25% tip average.  A waiter is a salesperson.  Sell and use psychological triggers to produce sales.  Remember you have not because you ask not.  Ask for sales.  This is how you increase your income as a waiter.  You need an action plan and then action.

Step 5: Create A Cash Flow Stream

Think of offers that are related to your current services. Create something to cross sell to people that can relate to that service. For example:  I sell my book, but I want another stream of cash flow.  I am going to write a workbook for that book to sell with the book.  Later on I want another stream of cash flow.  I am going to create a t-shirt with a concept from that book.  I am going to create a hat with that concept to sell.

Step 6: Save: Keep Cash For Yourself First

Open an account that is separate from your daily account and forget about it. Put away $100 the first month.  Put away $200 the second month.  Keep doubling monthly.  Your focus will shift to search out opportunities, you will find ways to double.  You don’t want to focus only on money; you also want to focus on opportunities to solve problems for people.  Problems are opportunities in disguise.  Remember you are the asset.  Invest in your financial education and nothing else until you save at least $100,000. 

Step 7: Create Another Stream And Increase That Stream

Create a product for your company. Write a book about your niche topic.  Publish your book on amazon.   You will receive an ISBN for each type of book.  They also print the book on demand.  You can create an audible version of the book as well.  What is my plan to increase the income?  I am doing interviews, seminars, podcasts, videos, and call organizations to sell my products in bulk for a discount.   

Step 8: Create Another Cash Flow Stream

The point is to create streams that are closely related to one another. You can’t cross sell unrelated items.  Create a work book for your book as a cross sell.  The next product should be an upsell, like a membership.  The next product should be a program, like a university.  You are creating levels that relate for the lifetime value of customers.  You are creating loyalty.  You will need programs to keep them around.  How else can they be loyal to your company? 

Step 9: Save: Keep Cash For Yourself

Continue to save from Step 6. This is a repeated process.

Step 10: Place Cash In Tax Subsidized Assets That Create Cash Flow 

Leverage yourself with employees and systems. Leverage products with affiliate programs and buzz.  Leverage dollars with good debt by purchasing cash flowing assets that are tax subsidized, depreciate and can write off expenses to eliminate tax.  Repeat. 

There are four assets that are subsidized: Creating jobs, Energy (like oil), Housing and Food.  So look for oil opportunities, farming, businesses and real estate. 

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. This information is not to be considered legal advice.  Look for an attorney that specializes in the protection for these issues and trusts.  I am not a license professional.  Consult a professional for investing.  Research your own investments or you will lose all your money.

Open the PDF & Print: Wealth creation Plan.