Website designers services small business in New Orleans LA

Website design services

Our website creators customize WordPress websites with a blog. WordPress is specifically fashioned for S.E.O. ranking. Our team works every detail on the front and back end to ensure that each website can capitalize on success for leads, stability to stay running, secure from attacks with performance to load quickly.

We are committed to excellence for every clients site low or premium cost to create. There are unseen tasks that take extra time that cut into cost that most skip over to save time. We refuse to skip any task. We go the extra mile.

What clients receive with sites


Each site automatically adjust to fit screens of phones, computer or other technology. The is no scrolling or zooming to screen.

S.E.O. optimization

The content is optimized for search engine ranking. The linking of inbound or outbound are for ranking. The local listing is for ranking on results to show in the number one page of search engines.


The optimization of images, audios or other media to load site quick. Cache of content, content delivery network for fast loading with other performance scripts.


We automate storing of files, updates of core, plugins or themes. S.S.L. for security. Limit login attempts to secure site to lock out attacks to access. This does not mean it is hack proof. It means they look for easier target.


The functionality type of site as affiliate, e-commerce or membership. Our website designers can create a personal niche site for affiliate marketing. Company site for restaurants, landscapers or others. E-commerce store or membership site.

Email List integration

Each site comes with email list autoresponder to automate email campaign.

Teaching to manage site

Set aside time to teach client to use the site. Take the first step it is free fill out the form.

Fill out form for free consultation

Who we serve

We serve locally in New Orleans, Louisiana. We serve the metropolitan area of Metaire, Harvey, Marrero or Algiers. Northshore area of Mandeville, Covington and other areas near me. We can create an online store or e-commerce site for you to sell your products worldwide. We create membership sites for you to receive monthly income for your newsletters or offers.

Our process

  1. Fill out form to gather information for free consultation to talk about options in your price range. There is a list of questions that will tell us exactly what you want with the purpose of site. Such as colors, company values or target audience.
  2. Agree on terms for functions for the amount the client wants to spend to Create Website.
  3. Create site. Present it for any changes up to 2 changes.
  4. Teach client to manage site. Turn over to client. Sign up to allow us to manage monthly. Manage any company changes or promos to site to stay up on what offers are online to virtual customers. Security is a monthly issue to stay secure with software of WordPress, using or theme. Stay relevant rankings with consistent content online. Even with social media postings to keep a presence to attract new clients online.

Note that client is responsible to pay for hosting and domain name each year separate from site management fees.

Site management plans

Client can pay us to manage site. Keep it secure through monthly updates to core, plugins or theme. Write content once a month 500 word article to keep site ranking. Stay up to date with what is happening with company online. Stay secure online. Rank over others with consistent content online.

Website management plan $249.00 monthly or $2,000 annually 33% off

Company offers or changes online for virtual clients to access. (Company promo, profile listings like team changes or service changes) No S.E.O. is part of this package.

Website management with security plan $500.00 or $5,000 annually. 18% off

Company Changes with monthly security updates of WordPress core, plugins or theme. Other security issues or errors that occur with conflict of software. No S.E.O. is part of this package.

Website management security content plan $750.00 or $9,000 annually 18% off

Company Changes with security as well as content. We will write an article with keywords to stay relevant monthly rankings on S.E.O. No S.E.O. is part of this package.

Commonly asked questions

What is webhosting?

Webhosting is a company that offers a service that has tools to create website on backend with storage for files of that site. They offer bandwidth for data with traffic capacity while monitoring to keep sites secure while they function for up time. They offer service for c-panel of website hosting. They store your domain name or dns server.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS known as a content management system. It is a platform with HTML, CSS, PHP or javascripts written into it to just install it to start creating website without having to create from scratch. The foundation is written already. It is a platform to share content.

What is domain name?

It is a website or online address that the internet catalogs to access content on a unique website online that is registered to that unique site.

How much do website cost?

There a range of options available with costs that can affect cost. The functions, amount of content, images, integrations of API or email lists. Call to actions or landing pages. Payment integration or product integration. There is low cost or expensive cost. What is your amount of money to work with and what are you wanting? We figure out how to get the most for every client within their amount to spent on site with the function to achieve the purpose of use of that site for maximum success for that client.

What is amount of time to create site?

We can typically start to finish a site in around a week depending on how quickly the client sends the images, content or logo to us. Some extensive sites can take up to 2 weeks. We have finished certain projects in 24 hours. It depends on if content is there for us to work.

What is UX?

User experience is the term. The average visitor stays on a site for 30 seconds prior to leaving. This is why user experience is vital. Each site must communicate what they offer to the visitors that offers value to them or they will leave. We place content strategically to communicate the value that target audience is looking for to increase on page time to maximize potential of capturing visitors email or call to action to create lead.

What is S.E.O.?

Search engine optimization is the term used to catalog online content that is relevant to searchers. This includes meta descriptions, XML, tags, keyword content with links to other relevant sites. This also works with local listing. There are other algorithm things as site performance, age, load time with S.S.L.

What is S.S.L.?

Secure socate layer is a security protocol that protects data on a site through encryption.