What Is The Entrepreneur Lifestyle

Open the PDF & Print: Mindset Worksheet VI. Complete The Worksheet.

1.) Wake up early and go to bed at a decent time

  • The earlier that you can start your day, the greater amount of things you can accomplish without distractions. When you wake up make your bed. Why? You start off in work mode, set the pace from the start of your day.

2.) Don’t watch TV

  • It is a waste of time and it is only filling you with propaganda. The average American see and hears up to 3,000 messages of propaganda a day.

3.) Read daily

  • Not for fun. Read for financial education and to learn your niche. Learn systems, processes, methods, strategies and statistics that relate to your niche. Financial education is the combination of books, documentaries, tutorials, biographies, systems, methods, experience and guts. If you do not want to put cash into yourself, then you can’t expect anyone else to put time or resources into you. You are the asset that creates. Learn to create cash flow. You need to be an empty cup when you learn. Get filled up with knowledge. Read your wealth creation formula daily.

4.) Change what you think, say, do and how you response to situations. Here are some examples:

  • You must change your beliefs and your actions for the change to become rich. You should change the way that you talk about finances. You should say things like, “I want to control a trust.” “I want to provide housing for renters.” “I want to provide jobs.” “I want to provide food.” I am looking for farms, apartments and companies.
  • You need to change your mindset, mentality and beliefs about what you can accomplish. What you believe you can do, you can do. If you believe that you can, then you are right. You must condition your mind to breakthrough. Why? Hunger! What makes you take action? Certainty! You need to convince yourself that this will be the result (?) and it will change my life. If you don’t believe that you can produce an outcome, then you will never do it.


    What makes the difference? You settle the belief in your head first; before you can see it. Potential has to have action to have results. The results determine your belief. If you believe there will be no results how much effort are you going to put in it? If you knew that it will happen, then that is a state of certainty. You have more potential when your mind is conditioned to make it happen. Persistence breakdown resistance and then comes breakthrough and momentum. You will see Cash flow!

    5.) You need to contract before you can expand

    • You need to be poor now, so that you can become rich later. Get rid of whatever you can in your expenses. What expenses can you cut? You can cut down cable plan, phone monthly plans to prepaid plans and insurances. Don’t focus on a budget; focus on working to create cash flow. Cash is printed in abundance; there is no shortage of cash. Focus on creating solutions and cash will be there, not on your budget. If you focus on not spending, then nothing will come. If you focus on creating, then cash will come. What you focus on grows and what you neglect shrinks.

    6.) Goals With Action

    • Create your goals and then create your action plan will bring goals to pass. Start up your company online. Keep your job until your startup can replace your monthly living expenses by creating a product that produces cash flow. Don’t waste your time and cash forming a legal entity, you can do this later. You are a company when customers pay for a service not when you form an entity. Start a second flow of cash flow before you leave your job. You need at least two cash streams in case one dries up. Consistency through a system that generates revenue is the key to success. Period! The 95% – 5 Rule is that the system does 95% of the work and the person does 5% of the work. The plan’s redundant and tedious daily. You will not want to work on the plan some days and other days you will try with no accomplishment at all. The 40% rule is using the 60% of your will to push the 40% of your mind past the barriers to keep pressing through fatigue, laziness and writers block.
    • You know how to work for cash, now learn how to make cash and people work for you to grow your cash flow. Add another stream of cash flow and then let that cash flow work to grow flow. Repeat and repeat. Start with cash flow from trading hours for dollars. Start a cash flow through affiliate product for a percentage. Create a product that creates cash flow. How to double these cash flows? Where are customers that I am not? Place your content on these places. Do this over.
    • Save to pay yourself first. Place that cash in a separate account for an asset that will produce cash flow. You will need to save around 100,000 to get a real asset. While you save for this asset, you will use this cash to spend on your education.
    • Your net worth is your network. Who you know flows through what you know. You attract like-minded people.

Open the PDF & Print: Mindset Worksheet VI.