Why Entrepreneurs Control Companies

Open The PDF & Print: Mindset Worksheet V. Complete The Worksheet.

There are six things listed below that you must control. 

The first one is to control is yourself! 

You are your greatest asset. You must be disciplined and confident to succeed.  Your commitment to work will be your discipline.  You will acquire confidence and competence through financial education.

You can’t create a company based on yourself, your need is not enough.  You must create a company that does something that matters.  Attach a need in the world to your company and meet that need as a part of your mission.  When the need is greater than the problems creating success, then you will find a way to do it.

The second one to control is time. 

Time is the real commodity in this world.  You must control your time.  The best way to do this is to create systems, processes of automation; goals linked to multiple work load plan breakdowns and work a timed daily strategic plan.  You should write out a plan for your personal time too.

The third one to control is your response not reaction to situations.

Reactions vs. response!  Reactions can be good with benefits and bad with devastating effects.  You must control your urge to react by replacing it with a response that is constructive.  Always start with something nice and follow with constructive response to the situation.

For example:

You receive a call complaining about a product.  Start with I am so sorry for your experience, we are going to resolve it right now!  Get to work!

The fourth one is you must take control over your Choices.

If you are living check to check, then you do not have choices.  Your kids need to go to public school.  You limit your health care policy.  Your food choices are not organic.  You need to go to cheaper restaurants.  When you create cash flow, then you create choices.  Since, you already do not have a choice, and then make the choice to commit to this plan.

The fifth one is to control how you position yourself.

our position can make you or break you.  How is the foundation of your company?  You cannot create a company without plans.  Where are you going to go?  No plan!  Nowhere!

The sixth one to control is skill sets.

You must become a lifelong learner.

Open The PDF & Print: Mindset Worksheet V. Complete The Worksheet.