Why the economy was shutdown in 2020

Why the economy was shutdown in 2020

Real halt of economy reason new system 

  • Stimulus packages are titled for people, it is really a wealth transfer to the 1%.  You pay the taxes up to 70% in the future.
  • ID 2020 is tracking of all transactions, information or places that you travel.  Architecture of oppression.
  • Social credit scoring.
  • Compliance or you cannot get a job, eat out or see public gatherings like concerts.
  • Travel restrictions.
  • Take out small companies for only 1% places to stay open with no competition.
  • This is take away jobs to replace with robots, Artificial intelligence or automation.
  • 1980 start with NAFTA to uniform commercial code for trade not constitutional law.  Global law is UCC Code.
  • Tying of all countries stocks together.
  • Computerize currency is ready.
  • Common reporting standard CRS.
  • FACTA.
  • This is all globalism Law in place already.
  • They just need to scare you to sign away your right.
  • Agenda 2030.
  • The real owners of the United States is the Rockefellers, Rothschild and their poster child handlers Gates, Warren, Clintons or Bush.

Real halt of economy reason new system

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