Why The entrepreneurial mindset Works to Learn Not For Money?

What is the scenario of an employee mindset from the start to finish? Why entrepreneurs work to learn?

I. Changing the Mindset

The school system in America teaches students from Kindergarten to 12th grade to pay attention in class, read the textbook, believe the textbook, listen to what the teacher says as truth, and raise your hand to ask questions. Don’t question the teacher’s teachings. Be obedient. Be submissive. That mentality is drilled into students until they graduate. Once they graduate, they have been told all throughout school that they should go to college, should get a degree, should get skills training and then go into the workforce.

Get a good job with a company with good benefits and 401K. And that is what most people do. Whenever a person hears this concept, that you should work to learn and not work for money, it is a foreign concept to them. But what this concept is actually talking about is one of the characteristics of an entrepreneur.

II. Example of Working to Learn

An entrepreneur is going to have to work to learn. For Example whenever they start businesses, they might not know how to do computer programming at first. The Entrepreneur will have to learn the ins and outs of creating a website from installing web hosting, purchasing domain names, pointing the domain name to the web hosting server, Word Press, coding and build out the actual website using HTML, CSS or one of these programs that are available to them.

In anything you do, there will be a learning curve. You will have to learn how to integrate, setup landing pages, setup processors, setup email auto-responders, campaign mail-outs; building a list with landing pages; drive traffic; build products; and all of those great things that go into building a business. Those are just a few things that are involved in building a business online. Whenever you are working to learn, you are working to have control over your business.

Entrepreneurs will have to know that there will be things that have to be done personally in order to keep control in the beginning. You will not have money coming in. You won’t be able to pay someone to do this at first or up-front. You will have to Work to learn some things. That is just one example. There could be one hundred things that you have to Work to Learn.

III. Smart Entrepreneurs Reinvest in their New Company

While working to learn, it may take six months, a year or two years before you actually see any income personally from it. The smart entrepreneur will take all of the earnings that the company is generating upfront and put it back into the business for growth…like advertising or incorporating software for more functionality. (Example: to create another avenue of income you might purchase good membership software to add to your website and keep your products behind.

You can start selling memberships) Since there is so much that goes into building the business at first, Entrepreneurs will have to work to learn. If an entrepreneur doesn’t understand coding and he/she wants to get into online business (for example), he/she will have to work to learn. From there, once the entrepreneur sees that the website is on automation; customers are coming to the website; successful at driving traffic; converting on your campaign emails to the products, the entrepreneur starts making money. At that point the entrepreneur can start to realize an income from these investments of time, learning and working to create a healthy business.

IV. How you set up your business?

What is your structure? You should never spend cash to incorporate until you are creating cash flow. You are not a company until someone pays you for a product, not when you set up corporation.

  • Asset protection
  • Corporations Tax Liabilities
  • What ways are best for you to take income
  • When is the best time to take income?
  • Investing
  • Tax Breaks
  • Entrepreneurs teach themselves on topics that are important to creating and scaling their business.
  • After doing your research, consult an attorney if you are not sure about setting up your company.

V. Replace the “trading hours for dollars” mindset with the mindset of “work to learn.”